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Red Ombre Streaks from Caely @ Shunji Matsuo

I cannot emphasize how important it is to have a great hair stylist who knows your hair! I’ve been with Caely for more than a year and she has helped changed my look so much! And I like every one of those looks! My most recent one done by her faded and I went for a refresh (maybe ombre streaks?) to get ready for my wedding! :) 

I told her I wanted red streaks (cos they look wonderful on curled hair) and I want to look fair… She said that to look fairer, I’ll need a lighter brown shade but the cons of that would be more frequent touch ups.

Check out these blood red dye waiting to go on my hair! So excited!

hair dye

After 4 hours, check out my new brown roots. No bleaching required. LOVE how even and neat the colouring is done!!

ombre streaks

I requested for blow dry with curls. ❤

ombre streaks

ombre streaks

Ombre Streaks

ombre streaks

LOVE IT. She made my roots look so much healthier! Here’s what I did:

– Overall whole head dye
– Red Ombre Streaks
– Hair Treatment



Shunji Matsuo at 313Somerset has permanently closed. Their lead stylist, Caely Tham, has moved over to LeeKaJa, located at Mandarin Gallery. I now go to Caely at LeeKaJa for hair services.

Check out my experiences with Caely Tham at LeeKaJa here! Plus, there is this crazy good, and very popular hair treatment called the LeeKaJa Cinderalla hair treatment that will make you hair look naturally soft and straight. You must check it out here.

Check out other hair colours I’ve done with Caely Tham; maybe you’d find some colour inspiration for your next visit to the hair salon!


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