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This Is How To Get One Step Closer To Looking Korean ➽ LeeKaJa

I started visiting LeeKaJa, a Korean Hair Salon at Mandarin Gallery, when my favourite hair stylist, Caely Tham, joined them. I always thought LeeKaJa was very expensive but to my surprise it isn’t! Plus I was wowed away by all their little extras to make every customer feel welcomed and treasured. Read on!

About LeeKaJa

LeeKaJa Singapore takes up a huge 3,000-square-feet space in Mandarin Gallery, and offers an array of beauty services, including hairstyling, hair treatment, mani-pedi, eyebrow embroidery, and lash extensions. The environment was very pampering and you do get excellent views of the busy crowd along Orchard Road.

When I arrived I was warmly welcomed and ushered to a seat in their waiting area.

It’s been a few months since I last did something to my hair and it has completely become unmanageable. I walked in thinking Caely would probably have to chop off many previous inches of hair off (/horror!!).

^Look. Yup. Horrid right! I was tired of having to style my hair every morning just to make myself look presentable. It’s really time to give my hair some love.

Caely is very experienced with hair colour and she has a really good technique when it comes to mixing colours to give you what suits you. I always walk in with no idea what I should do next for my hair.

This time around, she recommended for me to try a darker shade on my hair, since I’ve had bright colours for awhile. She also recommended that I try out the Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment – Japan’s best hair care treatment system. This hair treatment’s objective is to restore damaged hair back to the original healthy hair, allowing hair to regain strength, silkiness, shine and moisture – sounds like everything my hair needed.

3 things to know about Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment:

  1. Patented Technology
    It has patented technology called “INKARAMI” which has amazing repair strengths of up to 140%.
  2. Nobel Prize Ingredient
    It also contains a Nobel prize ingredient called ‘fullerene’ – the world’s strongest anti-oxidant to fight ageing and humidity.
  3. Professionally Customised
    This treatment can solve a variety of hair problems. Go to a good salon like LeeKaJa to ensure you get this treatment done by hairdressers who have mastered the art, knowledge, and technique of this treatment.


The treatment took about 1.5 hours but time flew by. I really enjoyed LeeKaJa’s premises. The seat was comfortable, I was well hydrated with their wonderful selection of complimentary drinks (juices, coffee, tea, etc) for all their customers, the view of Orchard Road was lovely, and even the hair washing area was something to gush about.


Check out the beautiful ash blue Caely did on my hair. It’s a complete transformation! I love how mysteriously dark this shade is. The texture is super soft and it’s lucky that I took a before photo because I can’t believe how huge a difference one Tokio Inkarami treatment did to my hair! It’s so soft, shiny and smooth!

So thankful that I didn’t have to cut my hair at all to get soft, smooth, healthy tresses!

If your hair is as horribly dry as mine, make sure you go to LeeKaJa and ask for the Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment k! This is only available in selected salons in Singapore and because you read this, you get 10% off your bill by quoting my name “Ju Ann” when you call them at 81330818 to make your appointment. :)

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Tokio Inkarami Home Care

I also took home some Tokio Inkarami home care products which helps sustain the quality of the hair. The Tokio IE Inkarami Shampoo, and Tokio IE Inkarami Treatment (Conditioner) contain different types of keratin which interlocks within the hair to build up the keratin protein. The shampoo and conditioner are recommended to preserve the Inkarami treatment effect. This combination is one of the best I’ve tried. I use it every other day and my hair gets instantly smooth and manageable after every wash. I don’t have to style my hair much and it’ll look like I got my hair straightened and smoothed once it dries naturally.

There is also the Tokio IE Outkarami Oil Treatment which protects the hair cuticle from external causes and improves luster and smoothness.


LeeKaJa Beauty Salon is located at #03-13 Mandarin Gallery and is opened from 10am to 8pm daily. Make an appointment with LeeKaJa by calling or texting 81330818 and ask for Caely Tham as your stylist. :) Get 10% off your bill when you quote my name “Ju Ann”.

LeeKaJa: website | @leekaja.sg

The services mentioned in this post are sponsored by LeeKaJa.

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