How I Lost 3.6kg in One Month with Halley Medical Aesthetics

I keep thinking that I can eat whatever I want and breastfeeding is going to make me slim. For the past 6 months, I knew I wasn’t losing weight because my jeans was a little tight. Truth be told, I was afraid of what my weight has become. I even stopped weighing myself. No matter how much or how little I ate, I still felt fat. Weighing in at a crazy 68kg for my 1.65m height, I used to be… View Post

Customised Facial Treatment @ My Cozy Room

It’s been a very long time since I last had time for a facial. Even this facial treatment that I went to at My Cozy Room was done way back. But I’m back to write a review about it because it was a really enjoyable and effective treatment for my skin. I have before & after photos below to show! 🙂 Don’t you hate it when facial salons upsell you to sign up to specific treatment packages every single time you… View Post

Fedora L3 Stroller Review: Foldable & Reclines Fully!

I’ve had the Fedora L3 Stroller for about 6 months now and it’s high time I gave some airtime to our trusty go-to stroller. Fedora is not new to our family. We have the Fedora S7 Stroller which we love for its huge size and comfort. It’s great for long walks but not the most compact for travelling on public transport. But we really like the quality that the Fedora brand offers. We were looking forward to Fedora’s launch of their L3… View Post

Body Beautiful Programme at The DRx Clinic

Hello! I’m back. Last I posted was about the very popular Vanquish ME™ treatment at The DRx Clinic. That was just the 1st 4 sessions of the specially designed body contouring programmed called the Body Beautiful Programme. I’m in the midst of the next 4 sessions of skin tightening treatment, and here’s how it’s been so far. Vanquish ME™ treatment at The DRx Clinic – a non-invasive body contouring and fat reduction medical procedure to reduce stubborn fat around the midsection… View Post

Vanquish Me at The DRx Clinic Singapore

If you’ve been following all my slimming posts, you’ll know that I’m always on an on-going, always-on healthy eating, body contouring, weight loss, fat loss program. I’m 8 months post pregnancy now, and finally I feel like I’m back to what I was before. This is with many thanks to my doctor at The DRx Clinic, Dr Hui Yun, for recommending that I try Vanquish ME™. This fat reduction and body contouring treatment ain’t cheap but it definitely is an effective way to… View Post

How To Give Your Newborn Baby A Bath

Bathing your newborn can be a little terrifying. Hundreds of little worries could be going through your head. Would he slip and fall? Would he drown? What if water gets into his nose? What if he struggles a lot? Will he poop?! Is the water too hot/cold? Is his umbilical cord stump going to hurt/fall off/bleed? Am I going to hurt him? I know. It’s normal to have these fears. Handling a wiggling, wet, and soapy little one does sound… View Post

There are more smarts to your child than you know.

My husband and I strongly believe that kids have their own unique interests, strengths and weaknesses. Just like other parents, we are always interested in finding out more about our child. For us so far, it’s been a guessing game. We noticed Daniel is displaying a little more interest in colouring and that made us think that maybe he’s going to be an artist! Haha! MIDAS™ – a tool that gives you an insight into your child Recently I’ve been… View Post

My Favourite Shortcut to Fat Loss

Who wants to lose weight? Oh wait, who wants a shortcut to fat loss? People seem to use these terms interchangeably. But did you know weight loss and fat loss are not the same? See, 2 persons with the similar height can weigh the same but look completely different because one has more fat deposits than the other and it shows on measuring tapes, mirrors, clothes, and… fat calipers. Yup those don’t lie. Fat loss is where fat cells are… View Post

Check Out My Make Up Haul at Sephora

Sephora needs no introduction. I’m a big big fan of Sephora, always popping by their retail outlets as well as every now and then to check out the latest trending make up product. It’s addictive! Never one to miss a single Sephora sale, I did get a good haul at the recent Sephora members’ sale and I thought I should share my make up haul at Sephora and a review on all that I bought! This time around, I decided to stock up… View Post

Our Family Chiropractor

Hi everyone, how are you? My husband and I have recently started going to our family chiropractor in Singapore for weekly spine adjustments. Like most people, we had some pain and discomfort here and there and decided to seek a chiropractor’s help for a more natural way of healing. Personally, I’ve been having lower backaches (after giving birth to my 2nd child), and chronic neck and shoulder pain due to prolonged hours hunching in front of a computer in the… View Post