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Dyed my hair the same shade as 2NE1’s CL Hair Colour: Warm Honey Blonde

My green ombre has faded finally after 3 months so I decided to have a radical change of hair colour again – maybe I’ll take inspiration from K-Pop artiste CL from 2NE1. Shall I get CL hair colour done? I know Caely, my stylist at Shunji Matsuo @ 313 Somerset, will advise against perming / rebonding so soon again, so I shall explore hair colours to try out.

I decided that after trying out SO many colours of ombre on my hair in the past 1-2 years, I had enough of it and decided to go with a full head colour this time around. Caely also said that the trend now is unique full head colours instead of ombre. Then we spoke of CL from 2NE1, the lead singer. CL hair colour shades are ALWAYS very very nice! I watched her at the recent YG concert in Singapore (Bom had the same green ombre as me – Caely really very “on trend” loh!!) and I decided to dye my hair a similar shade.

And what a super coincidence that Caely also mentioned how much she liked CL hair colour! Let me show you some pictures of her!!

CL Hair Colour, 2NE1

Very niceeee!! So anyway, taking inspiration from CL’s daring hair colours, Caely recommended that I lightened my hair and then we’ll attempt to create a unique Lavender Ash Blonde shade.

CL Hair Colour In Progress

CL Hair Colour, 2NE1

First we got my hair for a round of lightening (bleaching) and then on went the colour.

I must really compliment Caely for her experience. When choosing a colour for someone, she needs to consider what it’ll look like after the colour fades and to ensure that the just-freshly coloured look versus the faded-slightly look must both be something that compliments the person’s skin tone.

That’s why she chose Lavender Ash Blonde for me because when it’s freshly coloured, it will be a deep grey that will probably last for 2-3 washes (varies from person to person). See below:

CL Hair Colour, 2NE1

CL Hair Colour, 2NE1

After a week, my hair became greyish blonde which I REALLY LIKE. Like really really! My friend even said I look better when my hair isn’t black… whutttt… See the difference! It’s exactly like CL hair colour shade!!

After 1 Week

CL Hair Colour, 2NE1

I also did a Matrix Deep Soothing Mask Treatment for coloured hair. Remember to always do treatment after colouring your hair k! When I get home, I will be masking everyday too so that my hair can stay as soft as it currently is!

CL Hair Colour, 2NE1

CL Hair Colour

CL Hair Colour, 2NE1

Thank you Caely for yet another amazing job!! <3!



Shunji Matsuo at 313Somerset has permanently closed. Their lead stylist, Caely Tham, has moved over to LeeKaJa, located at Mandarin Gallery. I now go to Caely at LeeKaJa for hair services.

Check out my experiences with Caely Tham at LeeKaJa here! Plus, there is this crazy good, and very popular hair treatment called the LeeKaJa Cinderalla hair treatment that will make you hair look naturally soft and straight. You must check it out here.

Check out other hair colours I’ve done with Caely Tham; maybe you’d find some colour inspiration for your next visit to the hair salon!


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