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Treatment & Colour @ Shunji Matsuo 313@Somerset

I’m overdue for a hair colour touch up! With the in-laws visiting, I’ve been busy spending time with them and work has been quite busy lately so I really neglected the hair situation. Managed to squeeze some time and head to Shunji Matsuo at 313@Somerset to see Caely for a hair fix!

Hair Colour Update

I wanted to go crazy and bleach my whole head and go platinum blonde or something But Caely pulled me back down to earth again and advised that I wait a couple more months before I bleach again. So today she gave me a good trim to get rid of all my split ends and we had my hair dyed a Platinum Brown (same brown family as my previous dye).

Hair salon

I like how wearable this colour is! It’s not really BROWN-BROWN but it will fade to be brown. For now, the platinum shades are taking prominence and I am loving it.

Hair salon

Caely looked at my hair condition and recommended that I do the Shu Uemura Master Treatment (from $120), a made-to-measure hair treatment that addresses 3 key hair woes:

– Damaged hair
– Dull hair
– Dry hair

Check out the unique and high quality ingredients that make up the 3 high-dose professional serums:

Repair Master: reconstructs the fibre, leaving the hair revitalised and with a firm touch
Moisture Master: gives the fibre the moisture it needs to be naturally, deeply and lastingly smoothed
Shimmer Master: brings to the hair fibre the utmost protection against colour oxidation, making hair shiny and radiant.

The master base is the base for this Shu Uemura Master Treatment. The serums are added in different dosages into this base and  a custom made haircare treatment is born.

The Hair Colour Treatment

Hair salon

My hair was needed moisture, shimmer and repair so all 3 serums were added in equal dosages into the master base.

Hair salon

First the Shu Uemura Brilliant Glaze Shampoo (for colour-treated hair) was used to wash my hair.

Hair salon

The custom blended mask was next carefully combed into my hair from root till the ends and then a cold mist was used for about 30mins to ensure maximum penetration into my hair fibres.

Hair salon

I always walk out of Shunji Matsuo 313@Somerset looking like a million dollars and reminding myself to come back more often. Another satisfied hair update by my ever so trustworthy Caely! :)

If you’re frustrated with your hair or simply just want to get a new hairdo and you’re not sure what to do with it, I feel you. Caely transforms hair for so many people everyday and she has never disappointed me. Try walking in to Shunji Matsuo 313@Somerset and ask her for her advice! That’s what I always do – leave my hair in her hands. :)

Alright, till next time people!



Shunji Matsuo at 313Somerset has permanently closed. Their lead stylist, Caely Tham, has moved over to LeeKaJa, located at Mandarin Gallery. I now go to Caely at LeeKaJa for hair services.

Check out my experiences with her at LeeKaJa here! Plus, there is this crazy good, and most popular hair treatment called the LeeKaJa Cinderalla hair treatment that will make you hair look naturally soft and straight. You must check it out here.


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