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The Funnylon Playmat is really cheap and good

We were really excited when we bought the Funnylon Playmat. We were at a point of either we carry Daniel all the time or he goes into his baby cot. Friends recommended that we get a Funnylon Playmat and a Haenim Play Yard to confine him to a safe but spacious enough area at home. 

Well, we finally caved because we wanted to have Daniel start practising how to crawl in a safe environment. And like my dad always said whenever I dropped something on the floor “leave it there then it won’t fall again”. How ironically applicable this is now. See if Daniel is on the floor, he is definitely safer than if we put him on the bed which is like 1m off the ground.

There are heaps of brands out there and well, we were really quite confused. I can’t really tell you what’s the best but personally we got Daniel Funnylon Playmat (available at Spring Maternity). And we are really happy with it! :) Daniel was super excited about it the day we opened it up and cleaned it for him. He was so eager to get onto the mat that he nearly flew out of our arms. -.-

Funnylon Playmat

Look at him go at the gorgeous, colourful graphics on the mat. One side was a picture of a colourful town with little road tracks and cars. The other side was more educational with alphabets. :) The mat is about 12mm thick which is great because there was once Daniel accidentally flipped too quickly and hit his head on the mat but he seemed fine with the little bump. If it were on the floor, omg… who knows what might have happened! This has definitely saved us some teary moments.

Haenim Play Yard

Funnylon Playmat

We’ve been using the Funnylon Playmat for coming to 2 months now and we spend a LOT of time on it. We watch TV, play, snack, nap, and even change clothes and diapers on it. Here’s Daniel watching Ellen Degeneres on TV. -.-

Funnylon Playmat

And there’s Daniel waiting patiently to be fed his avocado puree. It’s so good that the Funnylon Playmat is waterproof because Daniel is huge on making messes. He drools a lot and even smears food on it at times. Cleaning up after him is super easy on the mat.

We relied a lot on having the Funnylon Playmat because it was during these past few months that he started hitting the important learning stages in his life. As he learnt to flip (5 months), sit (7 months) and crawl (at 8 months maybe?), he needed a safe and clean area where he could play to his heart’s content. :) And this is super good value for money at only S$59 and can be purchased at all outlets of Spring Maternity in Singapore.


Oh yes, here’s sharing on cleaning. because we use this mat so often, we clean the mat once a day with this Seventh Generation Natural Nursery & Toy Cleaner (at about $10) which you can get from poshbaby.sg.

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Funnylon Playmat

Daniel’s at the age where he needs to put every single thing he sees into his mouth. He even licks the Funnylon Playmat. Because the playmate’s on the floor, we step on it often (amongst other stuff that we spill on it) and it’s really quite disgusting if you think about licking the playmat yourself. I use the Seventh Generation cleaner because of it’s non-toxic formula works on greasy, sticky and slimy messes and leaves no harsh residue behind – so there’s no rinsing needed. Besides it works well on any hard, non-porous surface in your nursery including plastic, painted or sealed wood, glass, granite, stainless steel, and laminate. This cleans most of whatever Daniel uses. :)

And BEST OF ALL? I don’t need to rinse this after use! :) Saves me so much time & effort.

Funnylon Playmat

A happy Daniel makes a happy me :)


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  1. Zeb
    October 9, 2018 / 4:06 pm

    hi can you give feedback on the durability of this play mat over time?

    • Ju Ann
      October 9, 2018 / 4:43 pm

      I think it lasted my boys 1.5 yrs? I will buy this again.