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A Tricyle That Grows With My Child

We have been putting our new Smart Trike Zoo to the test over the weekends. We got the design in Ladybug which is a pretty and very bright red. I thought I’ll share what I think about it in case you were thinking of getting one too. I’m sure if you’ve been to at least a couple of baby fairs, you would have already seen this on display.

I got Peter to assemble it and he did it within 40 mins, could have been faster if he had read the instructions… -.- Men. I advise you get the Smart Trike delivered assembled to you. They have this service so save yourself the trouble! Kids really don’t understand patience and will want to ride it once they see it.

After assembling, we quickly took Daniel out on an outing with it. Daniel loved his first ride on it. He couldn’t wait to get on it once he had his eyes on it.

Smart Trike Zoo Review photo 3_zpsu3s8brqe.jpg

Riding like a pro already. At 26 months, and this being the first bicycle for him, it took him a while before he learnt how to paddle.

Smart Trike Zoo Review photo 4_zpsi39xpdvg.jpg

Look at his cheeky grin.

When we first saw this at baby fairs, we thought it would be a great alternative to the stroller as a mode of transport to his nearby school. And we were right! These days, we usually just push him over in this.

On weekends, we bring him on this Smart Trike to the nearby river where the roads are nicely paved and away from the busy roads or to the MRT station underpass where it’s air conditioned if it’s hot!

The Smart Trike is truly a very well-thought out product. For starters, this lasts my child from 10 months all the way till 36 months, all by making slight adjustments. Unlike many baby items, this can last your child 3 years. The one you see Daniel on is the configuration for a 24 months old child, when it transforms into a little bicycle, it will look so cute!

We’re not quite ready to let him have full control of the Smart Trike yet!

Check this video out:

Mummies with younger children would appreciate the nice canopy shade and high back support. I love that the soft seat cover is padded and washable – makes cleaning such a breeze. This will be perfect for Baby 2. ;)

Here are some closeups of the Smart Trike.

Smart Trike Zoo Review photo collage_zps4gxicqb0.jpg

Top left, clockwise down:

  • It comes with a handy little bag which I use to keep my phone, keys, some money, etc. for a short jaunt around the neighbourhood
  • Daniel was very fascinated with the toy phone that came with the tricycle but he got tired of that after awhile so we have taken that out and now use the holder for his water bottle
  • We could also easily choose to let him steer on his own or we do the steering for him (safer when on the roads) with the handle you see here.
  • And the little bucket at the back holds things like Daniel’s diapers, wet wipes and so on – so useful

Smart Trike Zoo Review photo 5_zps9zrhxkcm.jpg

Check out the crazy good touch steering here:

Going out with the Smart Trike is great bonding time for us. Peter teaches Daniel how to cycle and Daniel loves pointing out things he sees to us.

Smart Trike Zoo Review photo 6_zpswzu9v7gg.jpg

Smart Trike Zoo Review photo 1_zpsnkm4fv0n.jpg

We look forward to the weekends when we have time to bring the little one to the great outdoors where adventure of every kind awaits us. As full time working parents, we are always looking for ways to make it up to him.

Smart Trike Zoo Review photo 2_zpsivuc2ngs.jpg

Till next time I guess? :)


Smart-Trike™ is the world leader in the tricycle field and provides smart innovative solutions to all cycling stages: babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Mums and Babes are their official distributor in Singapore, so check them out here.

Mums and Babes can be found at their United Square and Secom Centre outlets, as well as on Facebook.


The Smart Trike was kindly sponsored with no obligation on my part to review the product in a positive light or to review them at all. Opinions here are of my own, and based on my own consumption experiences. No monetary compensation was received.


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