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Safe and Natural Laundry Cleaning To Love Your Baby With

Baby laundry. It’s not that hard to do really. But if you’re looking for a safe and natural laundry cleaning brand to love your baby with, check out what Seventh Generation offers. 

Seventh Generation

Digress: Daniel was fussy with colic when we took this photo. So I wrapped his tummy up! :P 

What’s mind-boggling is the sheer amount and frequency at which you have to do it. It’s pretty overwhelming. Plus there’s all the spit-ups and the occasional poo or pee that leaked.

The tiny clothes are soooo cute but seriously, Daniel goes through SO MANY his tiny mittens, booties, burp cloths, and clothes every day!

The volume and frequency at which we do laundry for him is pretty overwhelming. That also means a lot of laundry detergent!

Here’s how I handle laundry for Daniel:

♥ I wash his clothes separately from all other laundry because I prefer to use a laundry detergent that is specially formulated for a baby’s sensitive skin. A baby’s skin is super sensitive in his first few months of his life and he might be have a reaction to the strong detergents we use for ourselves. There are many brands of baby detergent in the market but I am currently using plant-based, unscented Seventh Generation 4x Concentrated Baby Detergent. You may think this is pricey but I only need VERY little for one full load because it’s super concentrated!

Seventh Generation

♥ Babies are always creating stains. Having his little clothes stained with breast milk, spit-ups, pee or poop is pretty common. How I handle them is I wipe them off asap when it’s still fresh and I also spray some of the Seventh Generation Baby Natural Laundry Stain & Spot Spray. It’s super effective in removing all stains and smells.

I don’t use cloth diapers but I hear this is great for those who want to clean cloth diapers well.

Seventh Generation

♥ Last precaution I use is to use a special detergent for us care givers of my newborn. Since Daniel is taking well to Seventh Generation products, I got the laundry detergent & softener for adults from this brand too. I like that they are made without additives like optical brighteners, dyes or synthetic fragrances. They have plant-derived cleaning agents and triple enzymes that lift dirt and grease.

I do this because all care givers like myself, my husband and my helper are always carrying Daniel and his skin is always in contact with what we wear too. At least for the first few months of his life, when he is most fragile, this would be best to have.


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I got my Seventh Generation products from this online shop called www.PoshBaby.sg. They usually have offers during baby fairs throughout the year. You can like their Facebook Page to keep informed of their promotions.

1) For Baby Daniel’s Regular Laundry: Seventh Generation (S$48.90)
2) For Baby Daniel’s Laundry with Tough Stains: Seventh Generation (S$12.90)
3) For Care givers of Baby Daniel: Seventh Generation Natural 2X Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent (S$27.90) & Liquid Fabric Softener (S$16.90)


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