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You will absolutely LOVE this Haenim Play Yard for your baby

Daniel just turned 9 months old and somewhere between when he was 7 to 8 months old, he started crawling, started sleeping less and was generally a lot more active. It was TIME for a play yard to keep him confined to safe parameters! After much research, we decided on the Haenim Play Yard. Here’s why.

Handling the little man during the day when he is wide awake (thank goodness he believes in sleeping through the night) is quite a feat. He is basically wanting to jump and stand and crawl at all times. It’s so rewarding to see him explore his surroundings and try out new (dangerous) stunts.

On a more practical note though, the walker we got him before was no longer enough to keep our (and his!) sanity. We needed to have a safe playing area for him. The play mat we bought was great but as he started to crawl and cover more ground, we had to fence him up somehow.

Haenim Play Yard

I kept going back and forth between a playpen and a play yard and in the end, I decided to go for a play yard.

A play yard allows us (the adults) to join in on the fun and sit in the play yard with Daniel and although it takes up more space, but I think he’ll appreciate the space too. The

There are basically 2 brands of popular play yard brands out there (VeeBee and Haenim) but I decided to get Haenim Play Yards. The sides of VeeBee are netted and I wasn’t so sure about how clean it’ll be after prolonged use. The Haenim Play Yards are easily cleaned and very sturdy too.

I didn’t just buy from retailer but did quite a fair bit of research to get the best deal. Eventually I bought from this seller, Haenim Korea Craze. They offer very very competitive pricing, excellent service and quick delivery. Check out the prices here. I also checked that they are a certified Haenim distributor so I had no qualms trusting them. :)

Haenim is well known for creating baby-safe products and all the Haenim products are certified by the EN-71 of European union in line with international standards. It is a korean brand and pretty popular among local mummies too.

Yes, if you’re wondering, all you have to do it get 6 panels (Set M) and it’ll fit all around your play mat (2m by 1.4m).

I’ve spent loads of happy times creating memories in there with Daniel. :)

Haenim Play Yard

He loves the 2 activity panels we got him. When we first put him in there, the first 2 weeks was magical. He just sat and played (licked) the mirrors, kept turning the gears and playing the music. After that he got more adventurous.

Haenim Play Yard

It was at this time that he started to stand with more confidence and take his first little step. He’d grab hold of the sides of the play yard and stand up. After another week, he learnt how to pace around the perimeter of the play yard.

We were really very very proud of him. I’m quite sure the play yards helped build his confidence to stand and walk.

It’s been about a month now since we got the play yards. As expected, he is no longer as interested in the activity panels but he does go back to it from time to time. Like most kids, he sometimes fusses when we put him in but the sweet boy is always happy to see the play yard after being away from it for several hours.

We put his toys, mattress and some extra pillows in the play yard in the first few weeks because we were afraid he might hurt himself if he falls. The thing is, he did fall a few times on the play mat but after a few falls, he learnt how to break his fall and land safely on his butt. Super amazed at how smart babies are.

Haenim Play Yard

If you’re wondering if this is sturdy, yes it is! It comes with very strong small suction at the bottom of the play yard gates and it fixes itself onto the floor very strongly. Sometimes Peter, my husband, would lean on it when he is in the play yard with Daniel and it still holds strong!

All babies will grow out of their play yard sooner or later. Till that day comes, our little family is very very happy with our purchase! :) If you ask me, I wish I had gotten this earlier maybe like when Daniel was 5-6 months.

Oh and here’s a tip! If your child outgrows the play yard, you can consider using the play yards to fence up dangerous areas like coffee tables/tv consoles. :)


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I bought the Haenim Set M that consists of 1 Melody Activity Panel, 1 Normal Activity Panel, 1 Door and 3 Plain for S$228 at Haenim Korea Craze Facebook


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