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Agapebabies – a one stop shop for baby stuff

Agapebabies is an online store that truly spoils parents for choice with over 100 brands and more than 2,000 products that cater to various needs and baby essentials such as nursing, feeding, carriers, foods, toys, books, skincare, treats for mummies, diapers, milk powder and more!

Just have a look at all the brands that they carry!


Anywayyy I just wanted to share what I recently bought from Agapebabies! First of all, LOVE the service. I received it the very next day. There is also FREE local courier delivery when you spend $80 and above. Of course I had to spend $80 right! Ok so here’s what $80 got me:


1) Daily Essentials

a) Healthy Times Cereal

I bought two flavours. The Oatmeal one and the Barley one. Healthy Times brand of cereal is not easily available at the supermarkets I frequent. Being able to order this and having it delivered to my doorstep really makes perfect sense. We usually feed Daniel cereal with a vegetable mixed in (these days it’s butternut pumpkin or broccoli). He loves it! :)

b) Huggies Diapers

If you’ve read my previous post on Huggies here, you”ll know that we use Huggies Diapers on Daniel.

There was once I bought 2 large packets of diapers and carried it home alone. That was such a nightmare. The diapers were very bulky and not exactly light! So now, besides Qoo10, you can also buy diapers on Agapebabies.com!

The Useful

The little one is now starting to snack more and while browsing Agapebabies, I came across the OXO Tot Large Flip-Top Snack Cup. When we go out for a full day, we bring some little biscuit fingers and yoghurt drops in this so that it can stay fresh and be properly stored in our diaper bag throughout the day. :) Super useful!

The Discovery

So I discovered this new thing called Fever Monitoring Patch. With this patch, you stick it on your baby’s chest, armpit and forehead and it will display your child’s temperature for the next 48 hours non stop. What an innovative invention! It’s not exactly cheap but I thought it’s something that could be useful!

The items all came so quickly, making it very very convenient to buy from them. They also recently partnered The Sunshine Kids, a kids fashion company to rebuild their website to become a multi-store. This means customers can shop between both stores and check out in 1 shopping cart! With more stores & products to be added soon, they aim to become a one-stop shop for all mummies out there so that shopping can be easy & convenient!


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