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Kiddylicious Review – wholesome yummy snacks for kids

We just loaded up on snacks for my kid, Daniel. Decided to try out this new brand called Kiddylicious because it brands itself to be a relatively healthier choice for kids.

All of the snacks you see here are gluten-free, have no sugar and artificial additives added. Interesting. Let’s give it a taste test.

Fruit Wriggles & Wafers


Fruit Wriggles are kinda like raisins (dried fruit) but in a longish shape which is interesting to Daniel because he gets to hold them up like little strings before eating it.

A bag of these also contains 1 of 5 portions of fruit a child needs a day.

You know what you can also do with these? Instead of using raisins in your home baked goodies, use these! Daniel loves the banana bread we always bake, so I’m going to try and put some in the next time!

The wafers are like wang wang but so much healthier in comparison of course. I’ve never really wafers that come in fruit flavours but I’m glad it does.

Fruity Puffs & Crisps


Puffs are shaped in a way that’s great for training the pinscher grab. Daniel loves the crunch this provides. It always gets a little messy when he eats these but love them he does.

Daniel’s favourite is the apple crisps – crunchy and melts beautifully in the mouth. It has a good apple taste in them but as with all snacks which are similar in nature, these don’t last past a day and are best eaten once opened. The banana flavoured ones really look like banana slices!

Crispy Tiddlers and Gingerbread Men


Crispy Tiddlers are really fun. They are shaped like animals, it doesn’t look very pretty (all brown in colour) but it is tasty and

Daniel didn’t seem to like the Gingerbread men as much as the other snacks, probably because of the slight gingery taste. Ah well, I can’t win it all. :)


Ok to be honest, I, as an adult never liked the look of melts. But the experts in the kid-industry definitely know their audience because Daniel loves these Kiddylicious Smoothie Melts which are made from fruit purees and juice.

It’s very cute of him to pick up the melts one by one carefully and putting it into his mouth – that’s how much he loves them.

If you notice, all of the above are mostly FRUIT-BASED in flavour and best of all, the whole Kiddylicious range has such a wide variety of textures, making the snacks fun and interesting for the attention-short toddler of mine. Try it and see if your kid likes it too! :)

I’ll definitely go for the Kiddylicious fruity puffs again! He loves those! You can buy Kiddylicious online or at Kiddy Palace, BHG, and Isetan outlets. They also have a Facebook Page if you have any queries.


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