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kidsme Food Feeder & more

One of the best things about being mom and a blogger is the opportunity to discover so many more products that a normal mom ever would. Today I’m going to share a kidsme review on their kidsme Food Feeder, kidsme Multi-Function Food Scissors, kidsme Icy Moo Moo Soother and Diamond PPSU Milk Bottle products.

Daniel is 4 months now and the little one is growing up so fast that before long, he’ll be weaning off milk and trying out solids! That’s a whole phase altogether but definitely one that I look forward to going through with him.

We saw this special pacifier looking thing at the Singapore Expo Baby Market event earlier this year but we couldn’t get more information about it because the crowd was just too horrendous. That’s why I am really excited to check out kidsme products in a private event together with other Singapore mom bloggers.

kidsme review – Food Feeder

This pacifier looking thing is called the kidsme Food Feeder (link).

kidsme review

It is a patented, award winning product that helps the little ones to safely and independently explore new tastes and textures. It has such a simple and ingenious design! Babies love pacifiers, so they designed a device that looks like a pacifier, thereby allowing moms to seamlessly introduce new foods.

kidsme review

I can’t wait to finally use this on Daniel when he turns 6 months!!! I am sure he will love it! Check out mom blogger Maggi Quek’s cute daughter, Kayliss, enjoying the dragonfruit and banana that was placed in the food sac!

There are 3 different sac types that can be fitted onto this food feeder (much like teats & milk bottles). Each one differs in the size and shape so choose one that fits your baby. These medical-grade silicon sacs are removable, washable and sterilisable. It is also advised that you change these sacs once every 3 months.

The kidsme Food Feeder comes in 3 cute colours: Pink/Purple, Navy/Blue and Yellow/Green. Retails for S$18.90.

P.s.: For something like this, make sure you get a chain that attaches this to your baby so that it doesn’t fall onto the floor! :) kidsme has a food feeder / pacifier holder that retails for S$5.80

kidsme review – Multi-Function Food Scissors

Next up is the next innovative product which I love. kidsme Multi-Function Food Scissors (link) pictured below can mash, cut, and scoop! This is perfect for mummies who are always on-the-go with your baby!

kidsme review

This kidsme Multi-Function Food Scissors features biaxial system and stainless steel cutlery-grade blades that allows you to safely, easily and efficiently cut your children’s food into small pieces. As a result, even choking hazards like meat or fruit can be mashed into safe bite-sized pieces.

This comes in 3 lovely colours, Blue, Purple and Yellow and retails for S$16.90.

It was such a great session to get to know kidsme’s range of products and to see so many babies & their pretty moms!

In addition to the 2 products above, here are 2 other products that was also in my goodie bag for Daniel!

kidsme review – Icy Moo Moo Soother

The kidsme Icy Moo Moo Soother (link) is not just ANY soother. It allows you to make ice pops by filling the cover with your baby’s favourite juice or milk. The medical-grade, textured silicone is safe, soft and provides great relief to teething babies. This retails for S$14.90.

kidsme review – Diamond PPSU Milk Bottle

The other one is the very pretty World’s First Diamond PPSU Milk Bottle (link) by kidsme. It combines elegance, modern design and premium PPSU material to create the most exquisite bottle for your baby. Made with PPSU, one of the safest bottle materials available today, this bottle offers superior clarity and durability.

I love the flexible handles that my baby can easily grab hold on to. The bottle is super hard and sturdy – I figure I could drop this many times over and it’ll be fine.

This comes in 2 colours, Blue and Pink, and retails for S$42.90 (240ml) and S$46.90 (300ml).

kidsme review

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Thank you kidsme Singapore for introducing us to your products! I am sure Daniel will love them all. :)