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New Korean Hospital Grade Breastpump – This Is Worth Checking Out

And… the name of the brand is Gaksimil. You probably haven’t heard of it before, well neither have I until I kept seeing it at baby fairs! Exclusively distributed by My Miracle Baby in Singapore, Gaksimil caught my attention when I first saw a demo of it.

In a market saturated with many other successful brands, I was interested to see just what this new kid on the block had in it’s pocket.

Gaksimil Sense Electric Double Breast Pump

Here’s what I really love.

  • Slim design and very light – only 256g!
  • Can be used as a single or double breast pump – who doesn’t love options
  • 81 combinations of pressure and frequency control (up to 5)
  • Super quiet – someone even one asked me what brand of breast pump was I using in a baby room!!
  • 100% made in Korea – very good quality
  • Battery or A/C operated – you know how some baby rooms don’t have sockets!

In short, the amount of features in a slim, lightweight pump is pretty impressive. This is my default unit at work and it works efficiently. I love it and definitely eased my transition back to work!

Gaksimil Breast Pump Singapore

I bring this along with me whenever I am out and about for long hours. It’s so light and takes up so little space in my bag. I remember lugging around a very big and heavy breast pump when I was breastfeeding Daniel. I wasn’t sure how I managed it really.

Gaksimil G1 Electric Double Breast Pump

Gaksimil Breast Pump Singapore

This is the most powerful version in the Gaksimil range of breast pumps, also hospital grade. I use this heavy duty unit mainly for home use.

While I was on my maternity leave, I latched Nathen and when he was done, I would go for the Gaksimil G1 to empty the other breast. The suction is pretty strong. It has a maximum suction of 440mmHg – a LOT higher than most other breast pumps!

Gaksimil Breast Pump Singapore

You can control the suction cycles and level of pressure (there are 54 combinations to choose from) to your personal comfort level. Personally, I stuck with:

  • Single Side Pump: Pressure level 4 and Frequency of suction 4 or 5
  • Double Side Pump: I just double the pressure level when I use it as a double pump.

Gaksimil Breast Pump Singapore

Yes, you have the flexibility to use this pump as a single or double sided pump. For the 1st month when my supply was still building up, I used this exclusively as a single sided pump only. When my supply grew (and I wanted to spend less time during each session), I used this a double sided pump.

This also has higher massage and higher milking pressure than the Sense. I am happy to have this as my home unit.

Gaksimil Breast Pump Singapore

I really like that Gaksimil range of pumps all have this back flow preventer which effectively prevents milk from entering the motor, thereby enhancing the longevity of the pump. It also means that this breast pump has zero chance of getting contaminated and can be shared by multiple users (good resale value! *wink*).

I do have things I wish the Gaksimil breast pumps will have. Here are the cons:

  • Massage Mode

The massage mode doesn’t seem to do much for me. Typical breast pumps’ “massage mode” usually have fast and low strength suctions to mimic a baby’s suckling – this is meant to stimulate a let down. But Gaksimil’s massage mode doesn’t seem to do it for me.

  • Not As Widely Available

This unit and all of it’s spare parts are only available at My Miracle Baby online store at the moment. I wish it was more widely available so that I could pick up accessories or replace spare parts as and when I want.

Having said that, I was DELIGHTED to know that the pumps fits Medela bottles!! I have a lot of Medela bottles at home and everything fits! *Super Happy*

Both units have helped me build quite a humble stash of breast milk for my baby Nathen. Look at my chest freezer – filled to the brim!

I hope to be able to breastfeed him for at least a year. :) If you have any questions about the Gaksimil Breast Pumps that I blogged about, do let me know. Happy to help if I can. :)

You can buy this at My Miracle Baby.


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  1. Ally
    July 28, 2016 / 2:00 am

    Hi, I’m also using the Sense model. May I ask if your back flow protector gets dirty (literally dirt accumulating not milk) after awhile? I only used it for 3 months and I changed once. Now dirt is accumulating already. It affects the suction. Also the white valve is quite fragile… That I changed at least 3 pairs within the short 3 months …

    • Ju Ann
      July 29, 2016 / 3:38 pm

      Hi Ally! Great to see someone who is using the same model as me! :)

      Re the back flow, no mine doesn’t get dirty.. but I did accidentally accumulate milk in there and I have to dry it or change it entirely depending on how wet I got it.

      Re the valve, I only changed once in 3 months. I had to change because we were too rough when we were cleaning it. Maybe you try being more gentle when washing the valve?

  2. Diyana
    September 28, 2016 / 8:09 am


    Did you use any breastpump beside gaksimil?

    • Ju Ann
      September 28, 2016 / 8:49 am

      Hi Diyana, yes I did. I have Pigeon and Medela

      • Diyana
        September 28, 2016 / 1:25 pm

        Whats the difference between those 2 with gaksimil? Which breastpump is better? And which gaksimil do you personally recommend

  3. Vicky
    November 2, 2016 / 5:50 pm

    What level for vacumm and cycle are you using? Now i am having a problem in this. Thank you for your help.

    • Ju Ann
      November 4, 2016 / 1:06 am

      Vacuum 6, cycle 5. What problem are you facing?