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Mom of 2 Spirited Toddlers: This is How I Keep My Sanity

I have 2 kids and both are under 5 years old. Keeping sanity during this phase of motherhood is challenging. I’m in that bed-wetting, carrying, meltdowns phase of childhood now. It’s incredibly challenging and for me, here’s how I stay grounded and sane.

To be perfectly honest (and real), I lose my temper almost every day. It’s just ridiculously draining having my kid push my hot buttons every other minute (and since I have 2 kids, they take turns and my buttons get pushed every minute).

Sanity During Motherhood

The Little Details Of Toddlerhood

My head has a million things in it and most of it are about my kids.

  • Preschool is closed next month, I have to apply for childcare leave.
  • Daniel has a bruise I need to ask his teacher about.
  • Nathen has new teeth growing out, I should make him a popsicle to ease his gums.
  • Oh wait, enrichment class fees are due! I must remember to make payment.
  • When does the children season at National Gallery end? I should bring them there again for some fun.
  • Nathen seems to like dancing, should I sign him up for dance class?
  • Why is Daniel wetting his bed everyday? Reminder to self to google.
  • Do the kids have fruits for dinner tonight?!
  • We really need to start thinking about primary school… omg…

Anyone relates?? On top of my busy head space, kids, no, toddlers make life challenging.

Even Mornings Are Crazier

As I get ready every morning to go to work, my 2 year old, Nathen, insists that I hang out with him a bit longer but I have to go get showered. Much as I want to, I can’t because we just spent extra time lazing in bed and I’m running late for work.

My 4 yr old, Daniel, is still refusing to get up. As I do my makeup, I have this mental list in my head, planning what’s for dinner and what should I get my helper to buy from the supermarket.

Nathen finishes his breakfast and starts following me everywhere. It’s kind of adorable but I am running behind time (again) and he’s in my way. As I agonise over something appropriate to wear for my day ahead, a wire cable catches his curious eye and I dive in to rescue him from getting electrocuted (again).

My husband tries to wake Daniel up but he gets ignored too. I’m a little irritated with his refusal to wake up by now. A war of “Yes and No” with Daniel takes place.

“Wake up please”, I beg.

You get the picture.

He’s all grumpy and gets picky about his breakfast (again) and starts refusing to change and brush his teeth (again). He starts to play around and climbs the sofa, tease his brother, pours toys out of the toy bag and so on… I beg him to stop but of course he doesn’t. Exasperated, I lose my temper, he starts bawling and I feel like a jerk. I mentally tell myself to go google for better ways to discipline my child..

Nathen is still hanging around at my feet innocently, hoping for some of my breakfast crumbs and a hug. I indulge him (and myself) in both and kiss him goodbye, leaving him in tears, and my heart in shatters. What a way to start a day!

A friend of my mine told me to just take a break from the kids! Go out with some friends, get some me-time and let my husband and helper take care of them. I could. But I can’t help checking the time and feeling as if I have abandoned my babies, and feeling guilty about it.

Anyone feel me?

The Epic Meltdowns

I’ve come to realise that raising toddlers will test your patience to no end.

Toddlers are little people with big emotions because when life is new, everything is a big deal.

There will be the good days, sure, but some days are so damn tough. You do all the right things, and still there are those epic meltdowns. And of course, these moments happen mostly in public when everyone is watching.

But Here’s The Thing…

Despite everything, I still wouldn’t trade my current life for a carefree single one. Not even for a second.

One of the things that keeps my sanity during motherhood is knowing that this needy phase will soon pass. That every meltdown will pass.

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I am the centre of my sons’ world. He loves his Daddy but it’s always me he comes to for that reassuring hug, and the night time cuddle before bed every night.

It’s truly truly a time when the kids need and enjoy being around me. They are like my two extra limbs. They want to go everywhere and do everything with me.

Sanity during motherhood

The unreserved hugs and kisses my boys give me, the shout of joy when I come home, the cheeky smiles and giggles when we play… I know that this phase won’t last long. And I feel a little sad as I type this.

I totally dread them growing up! I wish time slows down. While my life revolves so much around my kids now but what I have in return is so much more.

The days are long but the years are so short. Hang in there fellow mummy. We’ll see this through and be stronger after it all.

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  1. September 24, 2018 / 7:04 pm

    You are doing great with your children. Just hang in there mummy. They all say that being a parent is hard work and a never-ending job but always remember that this will all pass and hopefully they will do the same for you, giving sacrifice and sending love that you’ve always do for them. I wish you and your family happiness that you all deserve.

    • Ju Ann
      October 3, 2018 / 4:22 pm

      Thank you for your wonderful encouragement Juila! :)

  2. May 24, 2019 / 1:01 am

    This is a very amazing article. Thanks a lot for sharing this. I can’t wait to have a son too!