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Dear First Time Mummy, Don’t Race Through The Early Days.

The early newborn days are some of the toughest times you’ll go through. There’s so much to take in, to learn and make adjustments to. If you know of any first time mummy, or you are one yourself, I hope you read this.

I remember being you. Being a first time mum is such a new and real experience. Your hormones are all over the place and you probably feel a heavy onslaught of a wide range of emotions, from guilt to impossible happiness.

(That’s my first born – Daniel)

There will be a time to find yourself again. Perhaps the time will come even sooner than you imagine. But until then, enjoy every moment of this special time that you have with your newborn.

Because life will never be the same again. And this is coming from me, who have gone through 2 newborns of my own.

When I had my first child, I was eager to get some sort of normalcy back into my life.

(That’s my second born – Nathen)

I spent long afternoons snuggling with my firstborn… playing with him… watching him change and grow everyday.

I love the smell of my newborn when I snuggled up against his soft body as he sweetly slept. It made me feel like the happiest person in the world. It was addictive and comforting in an inexplicable way.

I remember holding his little hands and doing all kinds of crazy facial expressions just to hear his giggles over and over again.

As night falls, I stay in my pyjamas the whole day, my hair’s unkempt, and I’m grumpy from a lack of sleep, and quite frankly looking rather crazy. That sometimes made me wonder if I was wasting my days and my precious maternity leave “doing nothing at home”.

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During my short 3 months maternity leave, I did spend time with my newborn but once my confinement was over, I started doing more to fill my days. I was eager to show myself and the world that I’m totally back up on my feet and ready to take on the world again.

I wish I had taken more time to savour all that the “newborn phase” has to offer.

In fact, I wish I had taken all more time off work instead of just the 3 months I took. Work can wait. Life won’t.

You know how Facebook reminds you of something you posted a few years back? These days, Facebook has been showing me photos of my firstborn during his newborn days and I miss it.

I know this from experience, first time mummy. You won’t regret taking all the time you can to cherish the precious bonding you’ll have with your newborn.

Your baby will only ever be as young as today.

We welcomed our second child 2 years after our first and while I loved enjoying the whole newborn phase again, I was a second time mum, more experienced, and more prepared. And there was also my toddler to juggle. It just wasn’t the same.

So first time mummy reading this, let the rest of the world and all that you want to get back to wait.

Take your time, you won’t regret it. :)


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