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All You Need To Know About Ultherapy in Singapore

Ultherapy has been gaining a lot of interest and buzz in Singapore as an effective, non-invasive skin lifting and tightening treatment. I went for my first Ultherapy treatment 3 years ago at Halley Medical Aesthetics and loved the results enough to do it again recently with Dr Terence Tan.

Ultherapy in Singapore

But this time, I upgraded my full-face and upper neck treatment with the latest Ultherapy Amplify protocol of 800 lines, which Dr. Terence Tan explained will deliver better results. That’s why celebrities love Ultherapy! In this post, I’m going to cover common FAQs on Ultherapy in Singapore.

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You can watch a video that captures my recent Ultherapy treatment here before you dive in!

What is Ultherapy treatment?

Ultherapy is the only non-surgical and non-invasive skin lifting and tightening treatment cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA), which means it’s backed by numerous robust clinical trials and is very safe and effective. Ultherapy visibly lifts, tones and redefines the contours for whole face or it can be used to target problematic areas like the eyebrows, jawline, under the chin, upper and lower neck, and décolletage.

You can read about the process of the Ultherapy treatment that I did at Halley Medical Aesthetics 3 years ago.

Is Ultherapy the gold standard treatment for skin lifting and tightening?

Ultherapy is the first and only non-surgical procedure that is US FDA-cleared to lift your neck, chin and brow, and improve fine lines and wrinkles on the décolleté. The treatment uses micro-focused ultrasound energy to stimulate the growth of fresh, new collagen. The result is a gradual tightening and lifting of the skin, restoring its youthfulness naturally without any surgery.

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Is Ultherapy painful?

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There will be some discomfort. Just google and you’ll see people talking about how Ultherapy feels. It is therefore important for you to understand the pain management techniques that your chosen doctor will do for you.

For my Ultherapy treatment with Dr Terence Tan, he gave me numbing cream and oral painkillers. During the treatment, he had a constant blow of cold air on my face to minimize the discomfort and he also periodically checked in on me and made the necessary adjustments to the Ultherapy machine according to how I feel. Before I knew it, the treatment was done!

How long do the results of Ultherapy last?

The collagen-building process will be initiated right after the treatment, and the skin will become tighter and more lifted over time with results most obvious three months after treatment. Medical evidence also shows that the process of new collagen formation continues even after that, with results typically lasting between 12 to 18 months. As we are constantly ageing, it is recommended that patients do an Ultherapy treatment once a year as part of their anti-ageing regimen.

I’ll be back at Halley to get an “after” photo taken after 3 months. Do stay tuned to my update!

How much does Ultherapy in Singapore cost?

The cost of a full-face Ultherapy treatment in Singapore ranges from S$2,000 to S$6,000. The price ultimately varies depending on the area that is being treated. But do note that when you get a quote on Ultherapy treatment, be sure to check if there are any hidden costs and whether for example, a full-face Ultherapy treatment includes the jawline or upper neck.

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At Halley Medical Aesthetics where I did my Ultherapy, the cost of it for a full-face and upper neck treatment is S$3,900 and it includes 800 lines (aka shots of micro-focused ultrasound energy). This latest treatment protocol of 800 lines, as compared to the old protocol of 500 lines, delivers more shots of ultrasound energy to the face. With a higher number of shots, the lifting is expected to be  more effective.

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At Halley, an Ultherapy patient record that details the number of lines delivered to each part of the face is given to all patients to ensure transparency of the delivered treatment.

So be sure to check the details of your quote before committing to a treatment! 

How to choose the best doctor for Ultherapy in Singapore?

In my experience, I have learnt to choose Aesthetic Clinics by taking into consideration the following:

  • The ability of the doctor to listen and provide an unbiased consultation
  • Transparency in pricing with no hard-selling or upselling
  • Credentials of the doctor and the practice

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Halley Medical Aesthetics has won two “Golden Record Awards” from Merz Aesthetics (Merz), the pharmaceutical company behind Ultherapy, for the commitment and dedication that the clinic puts into delivering Ultherapy to its patients.

If you have any other concerns about Ultherapy in Singapore, check out this link where Dr Terence Tan answered some of the top Ultherapy concerns.


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