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PicoSure Laser Review: So Good For Treating Scars!

Wondering if the PicoSure Laser is worth going for? Wonder no more! I’m super excited to share with you my results after 3 treatments. Thanks to the excellent before & after photos of my face, the pictures really says it all.

PicoSure Laser Review

PicoSure Laser is well loved for its’ efficacy in skin rejuvenation, removing tattoos, pigmentation, and acne scars and I’m really seeing why it is so popular.

I did the PicoSure Laser a few months ago at Halley Medical Aesthetics and the results are most evident in the scar department.

I really appreciate the emphasis that Dr Terence Tan has on before & after treatment photos because it really allows me to see the difference. Check it out!


Side - Picosure


Skin tone and scar under my eyeVast improvements on the skin tone. The scar is a very deep and old scar and the PicoSure Laser has lightened the top part of the scar by quite a fair bit. I’m very happy with it.

Acne scars on my cheek area – If you look at closely at the difference, you’ll notice that the annoying acne scars from my youth have dramatically improved a lot. My skin surface looks so much smoother.

The above effects were seen just after 3 PicoSure Laser treatments. Thank you Dr Terence Tan for the great recommendation to do the PicoSure Laser! Best thing is, these improvements on my scars are PERMANENT.

I absolutely love the results!! If you’re looking to have any skin problems treated, do check out Dr Terence Tan from Halley Medical Aesthetics. He is a trusted doctor that I go to regularly.

If you want to know more about the PicoSure Laser treatment process, click HERE, or ask me in the comments below :)

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