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Tokyo Day 1: Shibuya

I’m back from Tokyo! We had a great time shopping and eating there! Here’s the start of a Tokyo travel blog series where I will share where we went, what we did, where we stayed, where we shopped and most importantly, what we ate!

We flew in from Kyoto (1h 15mins via ANA), arrived at Haneda airport and took a limonsine bus to Shinjuku Station – this was where our airbnb is closely located to.

There was the train (Haneda > Keiyu Line > Shingawa > Yamamote JR Line > Shinjuku) but I didn’t want to bother with transferring on trains when I had 2 luggages. The bus was the most direct.

Bus was prompt and comfortable. We arrived at Shinjuku in about 1 hour. We then spent another hour drenched in the rain, and 80% of the time getting lost. Google maps was just not working well :(

Finally we found the apartment. It was really cheap. USD80 per night and so close to the Shinjuku JR station too. Here, we will stay 3 nights.

We were out in a jiffy and headed straight to a place where we could eat and shop till late. And that would be SHIBUYA!


On the Yamamote JR Line, we took 2 stops from Shinjuku to Shibuya station. At Shibuya, our MUST-HAVE (and our best meal of the entire trip) meal is Midori at Mark City Level 4. There’s always a long but systematic queue system. Just get a number and go shop but be back in time for when your number gets called. We were real lucky and only had to wait 10mins (Friday, 530pm).

Our feast:

Tokyo travel blog
We had a counter seat and it was sooooo tempting seeing so much food freshly made! We wanted one of everything that our chef made!!

Tokyo travel blog

Super nice!! And a must-go!

Next, we walked all over Shibuya making shopping stops at:

♥ Shibuya 109 (this place is filled with fashion for young girls who are mini sized. I felt so fat there. Nothing fit well :()
♥ Loft (Muji and Tokyu Hands)
♥ Daiso
♥ H&M
♥ Pablo (I didn’t manage to go this time but make sure you buy the cheese cake and try it. It’s AMAZEBALLS)
♥ Under Armour
♥ ABC mart
♥ Forever21

Shops close mostly at 10pm so time your shopping & eating itinerary smartly!

We were back at our airbnb at about 11.30pm (we friggin got lost trying to find the apartment again) and rested well.

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