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Day 3: Tsujiki / Akihabara / Harajuku / Omotesando (Part 1)

This is a post from my Tokyo Travelogue series. Day 3 will see us through Tsujiki market (before it moved!) and Otaku Town, Akihabara. Check out what we did and ate at these places! Fresh sashimi and maid cafe awaits!


We’ve long decided that the tuna auction is something we can just watch online and skip having to wake up so early. This trip around, we decided to wake up at our own pace and make our way over to Tsujiki to shop the market and also to have a great meal of fresh sashimi.

When we arrived, alas, we were greeted wjth a sign that indicated that the market is closed. Great. Yes. Tsujiki market is closed on Sundays -_-

Alrighty then. We went out anyway and thank goodness some of the restaurants were still opened! We had an overdose of tamago (freshly made!) and sashimi.

tokyo Travelogue series

tokyo Travelogue series

Looks good, seemed like a great idea but it really didn’t taste as fresh as I expected it to be :(

There were 2 restaurants we went to. Sushi Zanmai, popular big chain but the food was really quite disappointing. Sushi wasn’t made fresh… And even the sashimi, I doubt my “live” horse mackeral was freshly slaughtered.

I noticed the little kid (2yrs) beside our table ate chawanmushi, tamogo and even little bits of sushi. Wow. I should try and make some japanese food for Daniel.

tokyo Travelogue series

Some of the tamago shops were opened and they were looking it live. I kinda got inspired by this and nearly bought a rectangular frying pan home, just so I can make a rectangular shaped tamago like this. -.- Thankfully I did not because it would totally be a white elephant at home.

We went back to our usual favourite 海鲜村 (they ave many outlets everywhere) and ordered these:

tokyo Travelogue series

I LOVE CHIRASHI. And wasabi! And tuna! Especially minced tuna.

So much more satisfying than the one from Sushi Zanmai!


tokyo Travelogue series

With our tummies filled to the brim with good food, we took the metro to Akihabara. Otaku heaven they say. I have zero interest in Anime, but hey, I’m already in Japan so why not. And so, we made our way there and ended up at @home Cafe, a maid cafe.

Check out the menu:

tokyo Travelogue series

It was TRULY weird this concept of having girls dressed up as maids, welcoming you “home” and you pay a cover charge and order some f&b for them to spend some time to take photos with you or play a game with you. Whattttt?? Oh and they called my husband “master” and I, a “princess”.

I can’t even.

Anyway we sat there for an hour and watched with interest. There were a lot of single men, awkward men, both young and old at this place. Some of them looked like regulars too. Too bad they didn’t allow photo taking.

My husband was… really enjoying himself.

tokyo Travelogue series

We ordered 2 drinks and 1 dessert. They were all a waste of calories (especially in a food heaven like Japan).

Ok enough of lala land. I kind of felt like it was an eye opener (not necessarily a beneficial one) and I don’t think I’ll ever be back to a maid cafe again. Food was bad, service was over the top and the atmosphere was just weird. It was like if I glanced over to the lonely guy next to me, I might see something I don’t want to.

Next we went to Harajuku! (continue in part 2!)

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