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Where To Eat With Kids… Look No Further!

Miam Miam is one of our favourite go-to places for lunch or dinner. The food is always reliably good and now they even have super cute kids menu at Miam Miam – 5 dishes in total to be exact!

Check out how cute some of them are.

kids menu at miam miam

What Daniel tried:

I bet fussy easters wouldn’t mind digging in too. Daniel had the Kitty Chicken Fingers (top right, S$8.90 with a drink) with tomato fried rice and loved it! He ate everything, including all the carrots and corn on the side. The chicken fingers are baked and not fried and honestly, I don’t know how good it is because he refused to share and wanted to eat it all himself. The fried rice came in the shape of a cat and Daniel loved it.

Miam Miam is totally upping their game to be a kid friendly restaurant in Singapore!

kids menu at miam miam

We also tried out the Volcano Tomato Rice and the Volcano Mac and Cheese (both $8.90 each with a drink) from the kids menu. We love Miam Miam for many of their dishes and one of them is the freshly baked, pillowy soft soufflé.

The kids version is a smaller one than the adult one, and it comes with tomato rice inside or mac and cheese. We definitely love the rice version a lot more. Great umami taste!

Dessert Time!

And lastly, they even have a super cute dessert for the little ones. Check out their Growing Up Sundae ($4.90) for kids.

The dessert comes served in a little planter – SO CUTE. There’s vanilla ice cream with oreo crumbs at the top! It’s tastes delicious too!

Food for the adults:

As always, we enjoyed our time at Miam Miam. For the adults, we had the classic, well-loved Miam Miam Spaghetti, and I’d recommend you try their Shogayaki Pork Donburi (pictured below).

It’s pork fillet marinated with ginger and shoyu. It’s seared to perfection and the flavoured rice taste so good too! <3

If you’re looking for ideas on where to bring your kid to eat in Singapore, be sure to check out check out Miam Miam!

Bring your kids and tell me if they liked the kids menu at miam miam!

Till next time, XOXO!


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