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Best Diaper For An Active Toddler

Yes, that’s Daniel now. All grown up! Awwww. And we have just started him on Merries Diapers recently! Merries is a brand that I’ve always seen at supermarkets but never tried it before. This is my first time trying Merries Diapers. And excited I am. They are after all, Japan’s No. 1 diaper brand.

Merries Diapers

Daniel is currently 2 years+ now and to say that he is active would be an understatement. This guy has boundless energy!

Merries Diapers

Merries Diapers

As you can see, he is so active! Totally tires me out chasing after him! I have to be very careful with the brand of diaper I put him on. He really stresses his diapers out with his lifestyle.

Merries Diapers

After trying Merries diapers for 1 week, I’d like to share what I like about the Merries Walker Pants.

#1: Exceptional Breathability

Merries Diapers

See the soft gathers everywhere around the waist area of the diaper? These are airy channels that help to allow heat and moisture to escape. In our crazy Singapore weather, this is god-sent. Daniel can’t tell me yet but I do think he definitely looks more comfortable and sweats less in this.

Merries Diapers

By reducing the heat and moisture trapped from sweat and pee, skin discomfort and irritation is minimised, leaving Daniel’s bum rash-free and comfy all day.

#2: Comfortable Fit

The soft gathers are soft but surprisingly fits snugly and holds the diaper in place. I can’t have the diaper too loose otherwise, I’ll have a heap of mess to clean up especially when Daniel is so active.

He needs a comfortable diaper that allows him freedom to move in whatever way he wants, and this is delivered through Merries’s nice soft, comfortable gathers.

Merries Diapers

Just look at him go while I try to get him to dress himself!

Merries Diapers

Merries Diapers

We let him wear this the whole day while he gets busy running around and there were no red marks or abrasions on his tummy and thighs! No wonder Merries won the Good Design Award for this comfortable fit diaper.

#3: Wetness Indicator

Merries Diapers

With the wetness indicator, I don’t have to use my hands to feel whether Daniel’s diapers are full and if it’s time to change his diapers anymore. When the indicator changes from yellow to dark green, I know that it’s time for a change!

#4: Easy Removal

Another feature that I really like is that the side seal is not only comfortable for my active child to move about but it is also super easy to tear apart when taking off from my toddler!

#5: Easy Disposal

Merries Diapers

See the blue tape above? When you want to dispose the diaper, all you have to do is tear open both sides, roll diaper up and seal firmly with this blue tape before throwing away. Hygenic and mess-free!!

Merries Diapers

Are you convinced to try Merries Walker Pants already? One more point to add, Merries diapers is developed with advanced Japan technology and undergo stringent quality control to provide ultimate comfort for your active little one. Quick, try it now, get your free samples here ok!

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What Size Should I Get For My Child?

Good question! Here’s the full range of Merries Walker pants and they recently added a new size- XXL, to fit children from 15 to 28kg! That makes them the only brand that caters to the heaviest weight range.

Merries Diapers

For your reference, Daniel is now 14kg and XL fits him well. :) I hope you found this review useful!

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