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Baby Scan: Week 10 – Dr Benjamin Tham at Thomson Medical Centre

After our last meetup with our previous gynae, Dr Wee, we decided to look around and see if there are other gynaes we could probably go with. We wanted to find someone we were 100% comfortable with. Personally, it doesn’t matter if it’s a male or a female doctor. I’m cool with both.

Meeting Dr Benjamin Tham was like a breadth of fresh air. He didn’t look very “modern” on his website here but he turned out to be everything I needed my gynae to be. He was professional, fatherly, very gentle, and most importantly, compassionate.

His nurse was also very sweet. She is always happy and always chirpy. She really tries to recognise everyone by name.

At my first meetup with him, the husband couldn’t go due to a training. How disappointing (and intimidating to be all alone in the waiting area while the others waited with their husbands) but nevertheless, when the baby needs a scan, the baby needs a scan. No waiting for Daddy.

After a short Q&A where I told him about Dr Wee’s concern of the water outside the water bag, we adjourned to the Ultrasound Scan table where I, once again, saw the little one inside me.

How miraculous life is. The little one has grown and is now Week 10. The water has cleared up and Baby Bean is well.

Dr Benjamin Tham

I can’t believe that within 3 weeks, Baby Bean has grown so much! I can even kinda tell the baby hand raised!

In a short 2 weeks, I’d have to return for a 12-week OSCAR Scan. Can’t wait! I’d totally recommend Dr Benjamin Tham! :)


Dr Benjamin Tham website


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