A Beautiful Smile

Wedding Day Sg photo 0070-AT1_9534_zps28aab8b1.jpg

Possible with Bangkok Smile Dental. Earlier this year, in preparation for my wedding, I made a solo trip to Bangkok (the husband later joined me) for a life-changing experience.

I went to make my childhood dream come true. I went to get Porcelain Veneers done for my teeth.

It’s been awhile already but everyday I look in the mirror, I am thankful for the great people I met at Bangkok Smile Dental who made all of this possible.

If you want to know details, do check it out herehere and here.

Special shoutout to Al from Altissimo Studios. He was my actual-day wedding photographer and he captured this priceless photo of me. :)

Altissimo Studios provides actual day and pre-wedding photography services. His portfolio on his website is pretty unique and he has captured some very nice photos that other photographers could have missed. Sweet, meaningful, fleeting, hard-to-capture moments that make up a wedding. Check out more information on my wedding here.


Altissimo Studios
Contact: (65) 9688 8654
Email: hello@altissimostudios.com (Al Tan)
Website | Facebook Page

Bangkok Smile Dental
Email them: contact@bangkoksmiledental.com
Call Center: +662 664 2711
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