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Wang Ping – 6 course meal dinner!

Day 2 at Beijing, I had dinner at this high-class restaurant called Wang Ping. So damn expensive, but the following pictures will show you how damn delicious it was!

It was a 6 course meal. Something like TAO’s in Singapore, only difference is, the food is of a higher quality.

There were several categories (6 courses) and within each category, there were quite a variety of items to choose from! I was excited to begin choosing!

The first course was normal, french toast served with olive oil and caviar. Normal but damn nice. Or maybe I was too hungry to judge without bias.

Th second course was soup! I ordered mushroom soup (the others sounded way too exotic for my taste).

I’ve tasted better but this was decent. You could taste the bits of mushroom in there! =) My date ordered pumpkin soup. Hmmmmm compared to his, mine was WAY better. See!

I was really hungry that day. It was after a day of much walking! The third dish was the appetiser. When I saw Foie Gras on the menu, it was a very, very simple decision to make. So Foie Gras seared with red wine. This my friends, was heavenly. It must have cost a lot because the serving was huge!

See, the presentation so nice. The bottom still got “dry ice” smoke coming out one. How not to be excited about it! So it tasted glorious, as I expected it to taste. There were other things to choose from in this category, like BBQ oysters, ceaser salad, fruit salad and abalone cold dish. How to fight with Foie Gras? Damn. I feel like eating that now.

And now, and now! The MAIN COURSE. I loved my main course. Check it out.

Roasted pork rib. It’s damn nice. The picture simply doesn’t do it justice. It was quite special. It was served to me this way, then the waiter cut away the top portion and went away with the ribs. I was in a moment of shock for awhile. Why? Why are you taking away the ribs?! Then I realised it was to cook it again… So I settled with devouring the top part. Very very nice… The waiter only later came with the ribs looking all yummylicious. The meat was very tender and very tasty. If you ever come this way, you must order this.

My date ordered something that looked like shit. LOL.

No? Anyway thank goodness it stopped short of tasting like shit. It’s supposed to be Beef Tenderloin. Though tasty, the meat was tough. So he ended up sharing my gigantic pork ribs. Yummy Yummy. Oh because some of friends have been to this restaurant before, they recommend their house specialty – Tai-Sow Steak. It’s the best part of a cow, where one cow will only serve 6 portions. Tai-Sow? What’s Tai-Sow? Well it just means it’s done in a Taiwanese style. What a place huh? From French toast to Taiwanese Steak?

More to come! On to our course number five – DESSERT. I have a sweet tooth so this was definitely something I was looking forward to. I ordered Chocolate Fondant. I loved the way the chinese calls it – Qiao Ke Li La Wa (Chocolate Lava). Well, this wasn’t too good. I have tasted way better Chocolate Fondants. You got to give it to them for good presentation though.

My date ordered Mango Pudding. See!

Look nothing like Mango pudding right? Like the focus of the whole thing is…. erm… the flower? Anyway see the yellow broom like this? That was actually edible and made of sugar. It was quite likely served to be consumed together with the Mango pudding because the latter was quite sour. He liked it. I didn’t. But the presentation so pretty hor!

By course number six, I was already quite full. But who’s to know that the drink I ordered was so refreshing?

It’s called Lover’s Syrup on the menu. What it actually is is a rose flavoured tea. VERY NICE. You must order this. So refreshing after a heavy meal. I wanted to steal the rose.

My date has a weird taste. He ordered this disgusting raw egg iced milk tea. Can you imagine? After a heavy meal, you drink this. Wa… damn… grXXs. =D

Lastly, I had this coupon which entitled me to a bottle of free French Wine. I’m not big on knowing one wine from the other (well, except from red to white), so I just drank it. Between the two of us, we finished one entire bottle. My goodness.

Well, it was a really nice meal. It costed RMB218 + 10% service charge per person. That’s about SGD$42 per person. TAO’s costs $28.80++ per person. Cheaper. I’ve tried both but I feel that while Wang Ping is more expensive, the quality of food, environment and service is really that much better. When we’re talking about a 6 course set dinner with a fixed price, the quality really matters! I loved the Foie Gras!!

Well, Wang Ping is perfect for romantic dining for two, or a warm little gathering among friends. =)

Bye bye Wang Ping!

I enjoyed my dinner! Expensive though!

Yes yes I know I shouldn’t take photos when I’m feeling so damn full.

TIP: They have several branches in Beijing and in China but I went to the one that was opposite Silk Street in Beijing. =) The building that it’s housed is called Mi(3) Yang(2) Da Sha. Here you can find their full address, a map and contact details. Have fun and let me know if you enjoyed it as well! =)


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