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vPOST makes me v(ERY) happy and poor!

Sheesh, with vPOST and the ease of Internet Banking, I have gotten myself so much stuff from the US that, I don’t even shop locally anymore. 

Currently, I shop at the following US/UK sites:

1) Forever21

This my friend, is one of my favourite shops. Ya I know I am no longer 21 but hell, I saw an auntie at the local F21 shopping can!? If you order on their US site online, ship it to SG, and believe me I’ve done the maths a million times over, the cost of your loot is still 30-50% cheaper than in-store prices in SG. So what’s stopping you!?!?!


Dresses of their quality, cutting and material, is definitely something I’ll never find here at the same cost.

3) Benefit Cosmetics

Oh man, the benefit you buy from US, even after shipping charges, is still WAY cheaper than what you can get in SG and MSIA!!!!

4) Victoria Secrets

Of course! where else do I find sexy, lacy underwear?? *Oops!*

5) La Senza

I get my super cute PJs here for PJ parties!!

6) Target

From time to time they get vvv good discounts!

For unbelievably cheap OPI nail polishes!!!

So what vPOST does is to provide me with a US address and I just forward all my purchases there where my shirt from F21 and my nail polish from Transdesign will say hi to each other and then all of them will be shipped to me at one go! You know what they say – do everything in bulk and it’ll be cheaper per piece! Well, same for shipping in this case. :)

As we speak, my shopping cart across those few sites are full and I’m so ready to order!! These US sites are so evil too! They have promotions like buy USD250 and above to enjoy free local shipping. Since my US address is in the US (duh!), I enjoy free shipping and I only pay for the journey my stuff make from that US address to Singapore! Shiok.

Ok, since I’m in a hyper mood, I shall even do up an idiot proof guide to using vPOST USA.
  1. Register an account at vPOST first (I did mention that this is an idiot proof guide right?)
  2. Go to the site that you want to make your purchase from, say forever21.com
  3. Select the item(s) you want, double check size and colour and stock availability and all and then put it into your shopping cart.
  4. Check out from the shopping cart.
  5. Fill up the form details
  6. Billing address = your residential address in SG. 
  7. Shipping address = US address given to you by vPOST (Login to your vPOST to find out the address.)
  8. Select Card type; Visa or Mastercard. Enter credit/debit card number and expiry date.
  9. Confirm and send!
  10. Get invoice from Forever21.com via Email.
  11. Email that invoice to vpost..they’ll provide you with the costs to ship to SG once they have matched your invoice with the items that will arrive at the US address.
  12. When all the items arrive, Vpost will send you a bill to pay.
  13. You pay for your goods at the site inclusive of shipping to your US vPOST address (but do make use of the free ground shipping offers that these sites have from time to time). You pay vPOST for shipping your goods from vPOST USA TO SINGAPORE. 
  14. So all in all there will two bills – Online store (cost of goods + local shipping (if any)) + vPOST (cost of international shipping from US to SG)
Hope that makes it clear!
Recently, I’ve also started to explore more about what vPOST China can do for my bad splurging that has extended to Hong Kong, Taiwan and China…! 
Bigi Bag, PG MALL and JE551 are my 3 favourite sites!! :) What’s yours? ;)


P.s.: I hope I get the invites to the nuffnang party!! It sounds like a load of fun!

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  1. vialentino
    December 4, 2008 / 5:20 am

    this post really ngam u ler….who love to shop a lot ler….

  2. eugene
    December 5, 2008 / 2:36 am

    thank you for spending and thank you for giving the dead economy a boost,,, well done and spend more.

    Btw, since you are shopping expert, do you know where i can get good priced Oakley or Rudy Project sport sun glasses.

    have a happy weekend