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The Malaysian General Elections 2008

Well well, I never thought I’ll be one to be talking about politics here.

The truly surprising results of the Malaysia elections on March 9 brought me much hope and surprise for Malaysia. Even the votes of the malays have swung over to the opposition – and for damn good reasons too!

I feel like I’m seeing history being made. Seeing that the opposition actually managed to win more seats than expected, is like knowing that truly, every vote counts. That we young Malaysians are educated and sophisticated and that we care about the country. There is hope for democracy (or well, at least a non-corrupt government)! No more of BN’s autocratic brand of politics!

Democracy may be the best policy but only if the people are educated and well-informed. I mean, there are certain people who know more about what’s best for a country than say the average everyday person. I think Malaysia still has quite a way to go, but meanwhile, I’ll settle for a corruption-free government any day as a stepping stone to a better future! I’m not even going into the lousy service that the government provides to us yet. But yes! Corruption-free first please!

And yes, the results does seem to tell the government that Malaysians are ready to give a relatively unknown and untested coalition a chance to save the cheerleader and save the world manage the country! This time round, the votes are definitely not so much of supporting the opposition but more of showing their dissatisfaction at how the country was managed ever since Adullah Badawi took over.

Haiyoh! Look at my previous post about Pak Lah sleeping. How to vote for UMNO/BN? How?

How can we move forward as a multiracial country when the government is so eager to ahem, protect the bumiputras? Are the chinese and indians born in Malaysia not Malaysians? Don’t we deserve a fair chance as well? New Economic Policy? What about that policy points towards equality among the races?

Peace, security and prosperity (BN’s slogan) are no longer in tune with what the people are looking for. People are more concerned about rising crime rates, education and employment policies (and opportunities), fuel prices, and the widening gap between the rich and poor. I guess BN would have to restructure themselves and be more relevant to Malaysian’s needs.

People! If the opposition proves itself in these next four years that it is capable of making the lives of Malaysians better, the implications for Malaysia could be far-reaching! It looks like Anwar Ibrahim is going to be a major player in the Malaysian political landscape. I’m definitely eager to see if it’s going to be a good or a bad thing!

Today Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi is being sworn in for a new presidency of another 5 years, and he’s not quitting even after the brutal loss. I would think that it’s gonne be quite a uphill task to lead a coalition that has suffered its worst defeat in 40 years. 40 years man…

Well, I figured it’s time to “grow up” and learn more about politics and my home country.

It gets more and more fascinating – politics that is. The more you know, the more interesting it gets. At first its all kinda daunting with newspaper reports throwing out names and make it seem like you should know who they are and their tainted history. But after awhile, it will all link together like a big, big storybook and that’s when the dirt comes in and makes it all interesting. Hehe!

Ok, I can’t wait to see what positive/negative changes the results of 2008 elections will do for the country.

“It is (truly) a new dawn for Malaysia” says Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. And truly so. =)


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