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Shopping at Mothercare & Cotton On Kids

I just wanted to gush about the recent spat of shopping we did for Daniel. It was so impromptu and we had so much fun. :) We always swing by Cotton On Kids for their sale items and sure enough there was a small sale going on last weekend. Here’s our loot from Cotton On Kids and Mothercare!

Shopping at Mothercare & Cotton On Kids

Singlets 2 for $15 and Bibs 2 for $15. I like how towel-like and big the bibs are. Think this would be quite useful. We also recently like dressing Daniel in singlets because it’s so damn hot lately. These colourful ones look good and very value for money.

Next we swung by Mothercare. The little car-like-animal-like toy is $7.90… it’s something we bought on a whimp. We’re not giving this to him till we get on the plane to Kuala Lumpur this weekend. Hopefully this will keep his quiet. X FINGERS!! We’re also going to bring him swimming in KL, so we bought him reusable swim shorts. :D The swim shorts are about $19.xx. Not cheap but less wasteful compared to disposable swim diapers.

Shopping is funnnn!!! :)


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