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Rome by Nightfall…

So, nightfall came on Day 10 in Rome (I know I know, I’ve been back for 3 months already and still at day 2 of my Europe Tour!). I had biggggggggggg bubble brewing on my toe. I limped. But there is NO time to be wasted!

With my fascination for the word “Popolo” in Rome, of course I had to visit Piazza del Popolo! Such a cute name no? We got off at the Popolo stazione and begun our night walk. And some damn long walk it was lor!! #&$(#$)@#_)@

Anyway, back to Piazza del Popolo. There is something of much interest here at this Piazza besides an obelisk and nice fountains. There are 2 identical churches here on the square! I imagine it would look quite nice in the daytime!

The two narrow roads on your left lead to Rome. Sorry I couldn’t help it. They say once upon a time, all roads lead to Rome. Hahaha! Sorry, what I really meant was, the narrow roads will lead to…

Piazza di Spagna where The Spanish Steps are. Wah I love the name of these steps. For some reason, it sounds romantic doesn’t it? Like the Spanish Guitar, the Spanish Song, the Spanish girl…

This piazza is Rome’s meeting place. The steps are lined with flowers (during summer) that can go unnoticed due to the avalanche of tourists. It’s name comes from the 16th century when the Spanish Ambassador lived here (besides the fact that it was funded by the Spanish and the stairs lead to a Spanish Church on top).

English poet John Keats lived and died in the house to the right of the steps. I was outside John Keats home!! Okay I know, no big deal. Not when I haven’t read a single of his famous poems. -_-” Sorry John. But I will! Soon. One day.

:D They say that if you stay long enough on these steps, some handsome Roman will soon come and try to be friends! If not, then, erm, you’re not pretty lor. -_-! Needless to say, the young must spend a lot of time people watching here. Anyway, I didn’t try ok! I was hurrying off to Fontana Di Trevi!

On the way, I stumbled onto Palazzo del Quirinale, aka the Quirinale Palace. In front of the palace had this unique obelisks rumoured (because I cannot confirm) to have been taken from Egypt to decorate Rome’s town.

Ah the whimps and fancies that can be met with too much money!

Fontana di Trevi by Bernini. Famous famous fontain, and with good reason. It’s magnificient.

It’s beautiful at night even though its a mob scene literally. Swamped with tourists, their cameras and indians selling junk, it’s truly on every tourist’s itinerary!

Wiki has a nicer picture of the entire thing in full glory.

There you go! The Trevi Fountain is the arguably the most famous fountain in the world. Thanks to La Dolce Vita, the show where Anita Ekberg lifted up her gown to wade through its waters after dancing through the night streets with a white kitten in her arms. Romance they say. =)

Too bad my camera not good enough huh.

Oh and by the way, I did throw a coin over my left shoulder. :) If you haven’t heard, doing so would guarantee you a trip back to Rome someday. =)

Oh yes and of course I had to stop for some Gelato! =) The prices of Gelato in Rome were the cheapest here but you pay for quality. The better ones are elsewhere unfortunately.

After that we took another long walk to…

yes, the Colosseum. No way were we going to miss seeing it at night. Still ever the breath taking.

Postcard material! :D

The lighting and the architecture is a beautiful unification of the past and the present.

I’m truly, intrigued by the layers of history Rome has to offer. The secrets yet untold. The wonders that still stand today.

You all must go Rome too. :)


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  1. Abby
    March 28, 2011 / 4:24 pm

    Wonders why there is no comment here. Hey people, Trevi fountain and the Colosseum!

    Anyway I WILL get to see those lovely sites for myself someday…someday….hopefully in the near future.

    Bernini is just great! Just like in Angels and Demons

  2. Ju Ann
    March 28, 2011 / 4:25 pm


    one day you will :)

  3. Abby
    March 28, 2011 / 4:53 pm

    I MUST! before Italy sinks along with those other Island countries lol

  4. Ju Ann
    March 28, 2011 / 4:54 pm

    Yes!! Venice is sinking!!