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Review of Bejeweled 2 + Blitz (iPhone App)

Yes I am back for another review of the iPhone games that take over my life.

This time around, I am going to review the Bejeweled 2 + Blitz (USD 2.99 on iTunes)

Ok there’s many types of game play on this app but I love the Blitz mode the most. It allows for Facebook Connect which means there’s the well-loved Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook brought to your iPhone. Yes! Your friends who are also playing this game will be visible on this leaderboard.

Week after week, I wait in anticipation for Wednesdays at around 1am when the leaderboard will refresh and I will rush to play and be at the very top.


How to Play?
For those uninitiated, you need to match 3 jewels of the same colour to burst it. Match 4 and a power cube appears (will explode and destroy jewels around it). Match 5 and a hypercube appears (will explode all jewels of your chosen colour). Match 5 in a L or a t shape, you will get another super cube that will destroy all jewels in the same horizontal and vertical row.

I love boosts! They spice up the game so well! There are 5 different boosts that you can possibily buy but I won’t go into detail here. I usually go for the reshuffle, extra 5 secs and multipler gem!


I usually try to aim for 500K before I take a little breather. My friends range from 400-600K. Yes, those in the 600K + range are spoilers only because I am not better than them! LOL

The victorious feeling when you top the chart or a specific friend is indescribable. And people actually bond over this game. What’s not to love?

Even my mother who finds Facebook.com confusing loves this game! Come join us!

Thank you Pop Cap, for making my every minute with Bejeweled the most enjoyable minute of my day! I can play this all day, minute after glorious minute.


Here’s a little trivia:

I never liked games like these. Nope. Tiny colour jewels and matching them? No sire, not my cuppa tea.

Then the BF of mine kept bursting these jewels non-stop one weekend on Facebook! The music was loud and quite honestly very irritating.
But hear me out.

So he was all protective about his scores and his boosts when I wanted to play on his account and that of course spurred my interest to want to play on his account even more.

I did manage to do it one day when he ran off to the toilet. And boy, the rest is as they say, history.

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