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#ProjectNursery is getting a little more real

So we have made our VERY FIRST purchase for #ProjectNursery. I woke up early one day and got distracted by all the Qoo10 ads and starting online shopping.

I came across this ultimately cute wall art pieces and bought a whole heap! They are all squares and sized 18cm by 18cm only! Perfect for a wall collage.

Each piece is SG$4.45 each only! I bought all of the above 8 pieces. So cute right!! :) Big love for these.

I have also been looking at Baby Cot Beddings locally and found this brand called Babysafe. I’m sure you would have seen it too cos they are literally everywhere in all the Mother/Baby shops.

So Babysafe sells everything you need for Baby Bedding. That includes mattresses, pillow, bolsters, cot bumpers, fitted sheets, pillow covers, bolster covers and the list goes on.

They have sooo many designs for the bedding omggggg. I emailed them to see what designs they have and here’s sharing a moodboard that’s suitable for my Jungle Theme!

You can definitely see more of what they have here. I am sooo excited. Trying to decide on something that fits now! I did a little research on infant bedding and I came across the importance of choosing nursery fabric.

We should be looking for fabrics that are soft, breathable, easy to care for and durable. Think of all the milk spills, pee and poo that’s going to happen! We are looking at changing baby’s bedding regularly at least once a week or whenever it’s soiled. Fabrics need to be 100% cotton so that I can just throw inside the washer! And that’s just what I am liking about Babysafe products.

They feel super soft and there are a wide variety of delightful designs made of 100% sateen cotton – very washable. Update once I decide which designs to get!! :) Stay tuned.


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