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Of Durians… and the Ah Bengs that cheat!

I am so unhappy okay!

I got this irritating craving for Durian everyday now.

Day 1 I went out of my way to buy a box of Durians. Mao Shan Wang they tell me.

“Very good quality! Super bitter taste too! Since you buying only one box, you should buy the best”, exclaimed the Ah Beng. I kept quiet and kept looking at the $2 a box ones. I really just wanted to try some.

Undeterred, the Ah Beng went on, “come lah, I give you cheap! From $15 a box, I give you $12! Other people I don’t give discount one okay?”

Ok FINE. I negotiated a bit and the price went down to $11 and I walked off wondering what an idiot I am to have bought a $11 box of durians!~!!!!!!! ONE BOX only somemore!!! FOR 11 DOLLARS!

It better be good. I expected the skies and mountains for this one and of course it disappointed. Although the flesh was very creamy and there were quite a bit in one box (10 seeds or so), it had 2 important cons to it:

1) It’s not BITTER (its sweet type)!
2) The seed is so big!

Haiz I was so disappointed.

Day 2, I decided to be firm and go get some $2 durians from another store. So I went, stared at the $2 Durians for a long while, wondering which to get. Then the Ah Beng came along and asked me what flavour was I looking for. The second I answered I knew it was a mistake. He introduced me the D24 Durians for $5 a box. I made some noncommittal sound and continued staring at the $2 pile.

“OK, you buy 3 boxes, I give them to you for $12!”

It was of course too much for just one me (and I am still on a diet mind you). So I declined and was happy to continue staring at the $2 pile.

Goddammit. Then the guy said, “2 boxes, $8.”

Damn and I bought 2 boxes!!!! *Help!!*

So, I finished one box and left the other in the fridge for the next day.

Day 3, DO NOT MAKE ME EXPLAIN WHY I WANTED TO BUY DURIANS AGAIN, but I did. Sigh. It was a craving, told you didn’t I? I was VERY determined to buy the $2 box on day 3. VERY VERY determined. There was NO way, anything could have stopped me. No possible way.

And so, I proceeded to the next Durian Shop on my way home and it was an old uncle tending the shop. I started staring at the $2 pile of Durians again trying to decide which box to bring home.
The uncle came and AGRH! He offered me 3 boxes for $5.
So I have 2 boxes of Durians (because I consumed 2 boxes last night) sitting in my fridge now and that means, I have to have Durians for dinner 2 more nights in a row. GOSH!
Just so everybody knows, the best tasting Durians were from the $2 boxes!! The best texture was from the $11 box. If you ask me, I will definitely only buy the $2 boxes again!

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  1. EVo
    August 14, 2008 / 8:50 am

    Hey. The more i read ur blog the more i wanna meet u in person lah. I keep wanting to read more..you’re pretty interesting. is it due to the durians? kekeke.

  2. Pureglutton
    August 14, 2008 / 8:57 am

    I had a major durian crave yesterday – went and bought 4 super-bitter D24 – damn good man!

  3. Ju Ann
    August 14, 2008 / 2:18 pm

    Pure Glutton, you make me jealous! I keep buying the wrong ones!

    I hate being a woman when it comes to buying durians! They think I dunno how to choose!!!



  4. Ju Ann
    August 14, 2008 / 2:20 pm

    Evo, You teach me how to choose durian?? :) How?? Can?