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SkinnyMint Review – Fad or Fab?

Oh yes, I’m on the SkinnyMint detox too! If you’re wondering if this tea really works or is just another fad, well, read this SkinnyMint review! Detox programs are all the rage now and my colleagues and I are like super into detox recently. Some of us at the office has opted to go for the 3 day juice detox (whereby all you drink are 5 bottles of juice every day for 3 days), while some of us, including me, have opted to go for the SkinnyMint Teatox!

Skinnymint review

The juice cleansing detox was something some of my colleagues avoided because if all we eat in a day is 5 bottles of fruit juices, we will most definitely be grumpy, and very very hungry to say the least.

SkinnyMint sounded too good to be true. I mean, they are saying that you can detox without fasting! And my friend who is often constipated tried it and has been able to pass motion every single day, even after she finished her SkinnyMint Teatox 28 Day program!


What is the SkinnyMint Teatox 28 Day program?

Skinnymint review

Here’s what the SkinnyMint Teatox program is like. It comes in a package called the morning boost and the night cleanse. All I have to do is to drink 1 cup of the morning boost in the morning every day, on an empty stomach and 1 cup, right before you go to bed, every 2nd day.

Using natural and organic ingredients, the tea leaves are sourced from locations including Argentina and China, then blended in Germany by tea sommelier Kasia Vermaire.

The programme aims to increase your energy, reduce appetite, reduce bloating, remove toxins, boost metabolism and help burn fat.

The SkinnyMint Review

Skinnymint review

The morning boost tea is meant to suppress the appetite naturally by reducing hunger pangs. Sometimes when I am too busy for breakfast, by 1130am I would be ravenous. That would mean overeating during lunch. I notice that if I drink the tea, I wouldn’t be as hungry and my lunch will be at a moderate amount. So in terms of it helping to reduce hunger pangs, this definitely works.

Skinnymint review

I found myself repeatedly filling my cup with boiling water so that I can milk this tea for it’s full benefits. It basically tastes like floral tea, pleasant and light. Both the morning and night tea tastes more or less the same, with the night tea a little stronger than the morning one.

The night cleanse is the one that I am most impressed with.

Skinnymint review

The effects are amazing. I am often constipated but after I got on this program, I have no problems passing motion every single day. This is something new for me! :) I don’t always get to cleanse my body as often as I should.

There are quite a few reviews that mention that it isn’t very nice tasting but I am completely okay with it. In fact, I also do keep filling my cup with water until the tea and colour turns bland.


The urges to go toilet are very natural and isn’t painful at all. The first few days you can really tell that your body is on detox because your poo really won’t be smelling too “happy”.

For the past 28 days, I’ve been happily going to the toilet once a day everyday! It feels almost illegally good after every toilet trip! Seriously, try this I say! If my up-to-14-days-record-constipated friend can poo everyday during and even after her SkinnyMint Teatox program, there is no reason why this wouldn’t work for you too!

I think a lot of people get on this program expecting to lose weight and flab. Well it’s a detox program, and to lose weight, you do have to pair it with exercise and a controlled diet. I love the SkinnyMint Teatox Program for what it does – detox.

So here’s the SkinnyMint review in short: I have visibly reduced bloatedness, loss of appetite and I do feel that my body is removing more toxins than before. That’s what I came into the program for and that’s what I got out of it. So, am I a happy SkinnyMint customer?

HELL YEAH! :) Try it for yourself today!

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  1. Bianx
    May 3, 2016 / 10:36 pm


    I came across your Skinnymint Teatox and I was surprised that it really looks legit detox. May I know if it had other side effects? I mean, have you experienced acid refluxes on drinking the morning boost on an empty stomach?

    Your review helped me to be more convinced on buying this one. By the way, is it available in SG or you shipped it online?



    • Ju Ann
      June 9, 2016 / 5:42 am

      Hi Bianx, no I didn’t have any acid reflux. :)

      Yes available in SG. I bought it online.