My Samsung GALAXY S III gets a new skin!

Recently got 2 new phone covers from this Hong Kong based website: Femme de Pivot.

They have really pretty girlish style accessories and phone cases for iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Samsung GALAXY devices & DSLRs!

Check out my new ones!

femme de pivot photo SAM_0009_zps30dcb43d.jpg

1. Little Squirrel from Little Things Collection USD23.00

femme de pivot phone cover

1. Little Rocking Horse (Black + Red)
2. Little Squirrel (Brown + Peach)
3. Little Mushroom (Blue)
4. Little Ribbon (Black)

Actual pictures:

femme de pivot photo SAM_0011_zps7ccc8b6e.jpg

femme de pivot photo SAM_0061_zpsf0de3385.jpg

femme de pivot photo SAM_0062_zps83f431c6.jpg

femme de pivot photo SAM_0063_zps642da61f.jpg

2. Love Resonance from Harmony Garden Collection USD23.00

femme de pivot phone cover

1. A Taste of Freedom (Black)
2. Happiness Blooms (White)
3. Peaceful Mind (Pink)
4. Love Resonance (Purple)

Actual pictures:

femme de pivot photo SAM_0065_zpsa839eaff.jpg

femme de pivot photo SAM_0064_zpsf8dc9d66.jpg


• Hardshell polycarbonate protection
• Decorative your device with elegant style
• Exquisite craftsmanship to fit perfectly for your Galaxy SIII
• Direct access to all controls and ports
• Value-added features: download “femme de pivot Wallpaper” app from App store
to get a matching digital wallpaper with this case.

They also have very nice wallpapers! Check them out on their Facebook Page.


    • Ju Ann
      February 6, 2013 / 8:31 am

      Thanks! :D

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