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My Europe Holiday

Ok, so I went to London (SIA’s airfare @ $2,111 nett) from 28th April to the 19th of May.

I stayed in London with my family till the 5th of May. On the morning of the 6th of May, I begun my Rome-Florence-Pisa-Venice-Verona-Milan-Paris Italy-France tour. The whole trip’s itinerary is purely based on recommendations from family and friends, guidebooks as well as internet. It was helluva trip and I enjoyed all aspects of differences in culture.

My favourite city has to be London. So cosmopolitan. Nobody knew I was a tourist and I blended without much effort – even though I look chinese. In London, everywhere you turn is someone from somewhere esle.

I’m going to start off with my one week in London.

I took the Boeing 747 to London. The flight duration was 12hours + and I was super excited about it! I’ve never been on a plane for that long! And to really really, finally fly to London, I was euphoric!

We were served two meals – breakfast and dinner. Dinner was this steak thingy which is apparently reported to be created by some celebrity chef. It was okay. Quite good for airplane food really. Breakfast was weird tasting Nasi Lemak. Werid because it all felt so proper! Quite unlike how Nasi Lemak is usually eaten at normal coffee shops!

We were served by a couple of stewards and a couple of stewardess – ALL VERY BAD SERVICE. They were cold and did their job unwillingly. What happened to the warm, friendly and pretty SIA girls? What a disappointment.

Anyway I slept through most of it and finally, after 12 hours, we arrived in London late afternoon! Aunty CM and Uncle Karl were there to pick us up! So happy to see them! It’s been like so long since I last saw them!

I was to stay at my Uncle CF and Auntie Irene’s place. It is at Creighton Ave in the suburbs. Very nice and quiet neighbourhood. The houses, are LOVELY here! They came right out of a painting I say! See See!

Oh wait. *Brakes screechhhh* This one is a view of my uncle’s house from his backyard.

My camera’s screen too small to show how big the house is!

The corner house.

So nice, like a little cottage. Hansel and Gretel are going to appear any minute now!

The mansion (castle?) opposite my uncle’s place. So nice!

Church also so nice.

My uncle’s backyard. A pity he doesn’t care for it. A dog could be in heaven here!

Dinner was at a Chinese Restaurant near West Finchley called “Water Margin”. Haha funny right! I was served by chinese speaking fluent Cantonese and English. Cool right! Food was really not bad! Might have tasted better if I wasn’t craving for pasta!

About 4 dishes for 5 people and the bill came up to 50 pounds. *wow*


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