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Lovely San Francisco in 4 days

I didn’t have much time and wanted to cover as much of South America as I could. Turns out it was quite a rush but with better advanced planning it isn’t impossible.

I was at San Francisco recently for 3D2N and it turned out to be a great trip. I flew in from Vegas via United Airlines. Flight was prompt and all but had to pay USD 25 for baggage (cost wasn’t included in air ticket).

If you have carry on baggage, do board as early as possible cos the overhead cabin space are ridiculously limited when the flight is full.

When I arrived at San Francisco, the first thing that I noticed was how incredibly cold it was! Colder than Las Vegas! :/

To get from SFO airport to the Columbus Motor Inn near Fishermen’s Wharf, I took a shared van which dropped me directly outside my hotel. Just go up to any staff and tell them your hotel and they’ll contact the van that covers your hotel. Costed only USD 18 (+ USD 1 tips per luggage).

It took about 45 mins including possible dropoffs for other passengers. It was safe and fuss-free. :)

Columbus Motor Inn was about USD 100 per night. I would highly highly recommend this place. It scores 5 stars on location! The room was a lot better than I imagined it to be. The bed was comfortable and I spent 10 hours every night sleeping like a baby. Yeh it was good! The heater was okay – not the best user experience but good enough. Great tv programs but I didn’t get to enjoy much of it. It was a 8mins walk to the Fishermen’s Wharf and the other piers. Walk about 10mins and you’ll find yourself in Little Italy where there’s an abundance of very good little italian bistros for a meal. 15mins to Chinatown and 20mins to Union Square. The end of the Powell & Mason cable car is also located really near the hotel (1min walk) and USD 6 will take you to the heart of Union Square in a charming uphill, downhill ride. There are also buses plying Columbus Ave and there’s a bus stop just outside the inn. Like I said, the location is ace.

Here’s my itinerary for my 4D3N stay in San Francisco:

Day One: Arrive in the afternoon, walk around Fishermen’s Wharf and dinner at Scoma’s.

Day Two: Woke up at 7am, breakfast at Boudin’s, pickup at hotel at 9am for a half day Muir Woods & Suasilito tour. Explore Union Square and Chinatown. Lunch at Mexican Diner Chipotle and dinner at Little Italy area at a restaurant called xxx.

Day Three: Wanted to go for a 15 hour tour to Yosemite but decided against it and booked tickets to depart at 9am for Alcatraz. Returned on the 11.30am ferry and walked to Pier xx for The Codmother of Fish & Chips. Did a leisurely walk to Ghiardella Square and back to hotel for my 2pm pickup for a half day City Tour. Tour ended 5.30pm and I walked from my hotel to the Sotto Mare where I had the best meal of my trip.

Day Four: My time to say bye to San Francisco. Left hotel at 8.30am, walked to Pier 33, had clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl at Boudins. Walked by the pier to Pier 39 where I found the very entertaining wild sealions. Oh I did last minute souvenir shopping here too. I took a bus to Union Square (USD 2) where I got myself some lemonade fron Auntie Anne’s, browsed through the shops and bought take out cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. It was 11.10am by this time and I caught the Powell & Mason Cable Car back to the hotel. It was a lovely way to end my trip. My hotel also arranged an airport shuttle for pickup and it costed USD 15 (exclud. tips).

Well it was a lovely time in San Francisco. My next and last destination before going back to Singapore is Los Angeles. ;)


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