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KIDZ Walk @ Big Splash

I had fun today! It was honestly unexpected!

I left home late and was swearing at the terribly hot weather. When the weather is hot, I take that as a bad omen. It just works this way in my life.

So today I attended the KIDZ Walk with NuffNang. I was excited, wondering if I’ll get to mingle with other bloggers and make some new friends in the blogosphere.

When I arrived, I only say Cherie, and only Cherie. She gave me 2 $5 Burger King coupons for showing up – which I was pretty pleased about.

Here are some pictures of my Saturday at KIDZ Walk, organised by National Family Council and marks the finale of National Family Celebrations ’08 .

The starting point for the 1KM walk.

Well, apparently the walk was to encourage families to exercise together. Going back to East Coast again did remind me of how nice it was to come here for a cycle.

The 1KM walk was damn short! I was happily walking when erm, I saw the people at the front of the walk, walk past me back to the finish point (which was the same as the start!).

Duckie very sweetly agreed to come with me! Oh and er, I got a shot of him drinking a bottle of what I highly suspect to be Newater (below).

A lady behind me heard me ask Duckie to quick check to see if it’s Newater and laughed. Ya what! They always give Newater away free! Must be careful!

Duckie was quite busy being a typical Singaporean. Walking at the lane for cyclists and heading for the pedastrian side only when there are freebies!

Oh yes and during the walk, I saw Allan Wu and Wong Lilin! They have 4 kids! FOUR!!!!!! In Singapore, that’s a kampung already!!

There were many games, food and “advertisers” catered to families with children. Initially I did feel out of place but once I managed to score a FREE green cotton candy from Standard Chartered, I felt right at home. Muahaha. There was a little ring of bumper cars (below) for children too!

Glenn Ong (above) looked A LOT skinnier in person! Or did he lose weight? He looks like a MAT now if I didn’t know he’s Glenn Ong!

The BEST part of this whole event has to be watching Ratatoueille on the Beach. So romantic! So nice!

Here I am, getting ready – parked myself at an ideal position at 6.30pm (show to start at 7pm).

7pm already and still not dark enough for the movie to begin. Bored and camwhoring.

Since I was bored and the show hasn’t started, say hello to my toes.

So many kids. I hate those that kept throwing sand everywhere!!

7.15pm.. still waiting…….

A shot of during the movie. I like this shot very much. Whispers of romance.

It is nice at East Coast during Sunset.

I had a great time! The movie was good. I do like this show. =) Not the first time seeing it but enjoyed it tremendously anyway! Do not underestimate watching a movie by the beach. It is every bit as enjoyable as watching it in a cinema if not more. The cool sea breeze, the soothing sound of waves and then the wonderful show.

I hope I get another opportunity such as this soon.Okay, signing off to enjoy what’s left of the weekend! Have a great weekend!


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