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Japanese Food, Yukata Try-Outs, Pikachu Meet & Greet and more at the Japan Summer Festival 2018

We went to Japan Summer Festival at the National Stadium this weekend and it was filled with heaps of people enjoying good food, shopping for deals and participating in games/activities for the whole family. We had so much fun at the event that we stayed for 5 whole hours!

Japan Summer Festival

The Japan Summer Festival is in its 30th edition this year and its a great way to immerse yourself in Japanese culture. There are over 100 Japanese food and beverage, game and merchandise booths awaiting visitors.

Here’s sharing the top 5 things we enjoyed the most from the event.

#1. Meeting Pikachu and Domokun

Japan Summer Festival Singapore

We all loved meeting Pikachu and Domokun. The characters appear 2x a day and they were always surrounded by fans wanting a photo every time they appeared. <3 So glad we got some photos taken!

Japan Summer Festival Singapore

If you love Pokemon, do also check out the Pokemon Carnival section where there are FREE Pokemon-themed games to play at. Kids will enjoy this the most. The queues were long for these so we only managed to try the Litten Game.

#2. Japanese Food and Beverage

Japan Summer Festival Singapore

Who doesn’t love Japanese food! It was crowded for good reason. There were many popular Japanese food like takoyaki balls, ramen, frozen Kirin beer, Kakigori, Wagyu Roast Beef Dons, choco banana, Japanese titbits, Japanese canned drinks, lavender flavoured ice cream and more.

#3. Yuakta Try-Outs

We didn’t expect to do this but we’re so glad we did! It was our first time dressing up in Yukata and Obi. It was so fun doing this alongside with everyone else passionate about the Japanese culture.

Japan Summer Festival

Image credit: Singapore Sports Hub

For $15, you can rent a Yukata to wear at this festival and there’ll be volunteers on site to help you wear it too. The Japanese ladies who helped us out were very meticulous and kind. You can choose which colours you want and I just left it up to them and told them to give me whatever that suits my dark skin :P

Japan Summer Festival

#4. Japanese-themed Game Booths

Just like an authentic Matsuri, there will also be light-hearted games that will test your luck and precision, such as Yo-Yo Tsuri (fish for your favourite balloon!), Senbonbiki (you win if you pull the lucky string), and Shateki (Gun-shooting) a game where you can target the prize and shoot at it. Each game costs $2!

Japan Summer Festival

Image credit: Japanese Association, Singapore

We picked the Yo-Yo Tsuri game and caught 6 balloons over 2 games. My boys were very pleased with the prize and went round the rest the day holding it in their hands. Who would’ve thought they’ll enjoy water filled balloons so much. :D

#5. Japanese Cultural Stage Performances

Japan Summer Festival

Image credit: Singapore Sports Hub

We were there for 5 hours+ and the centre stage had back to back performances. We loved the Japanese drums, rhythmic gymnastics, and baton twirling segments the most. The Japanese performers were full of smiles and passionate as they always are. Even my 2 year old was captivated with the music and movement on stage.

It was a day well spent. We had lunch at Kallang Wave Mall and spent a good 5 hours at the Japan Summer Festival, eating, taking photos and taking part in the activities. We’ll definitely keep a look out for next year’s edition :)

Thank you for having us there Singapore Sports Hub! :)


For more information on the Japan Summer Festival, visit https://www.sportshub.com.sg/japansummerfest

Japan Summer Festival

Dates: 8th-9th September 2018
Timing: Saturday (8th Sep), 12-9PM; Sunday (9th Sep), 12-8PM
Venue: National Stadium


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