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I Won A BID!

Me! Of all people! Nono, of 80 people! Me! I won! I can’t believe it!

So I was checking my email one day and I saw an eDM in my mail from CTC holidays. I’m not exactly crazy about tours and travel agents for I much prefer convincing myself that I can read maps and that the information available from the internet can bring me to places far more interesting.

So anyway, I got to clicking it and found it interesting that they have a new website -FINDMEROOMS.COM

See that? Auction results! I received a call from CTC informing me that I won! I can’t believe it! I am going to pay $57.99 for a 3 nights stay at First Hotel in Bangkok! HEAR HEAR, Bangkok here I come!!!

See that! Oh but winning wasn’t about outbidding the others. The maximum anyone could have bidded for the hotel was $58. The winner of this bid will go to the SINGLE highest bidder. See what happened below…

There were EIGHT people before me who bidded $58 but they all lost to my $57.99 bid because I was the SINGLE highest bidder. The amount bidded that was the HIGHEST and was not similar to another bid.

So lucky. But then I thought the bids were for free and I could make as many bids as I wanted. It was by the third bid that I realised that each bid costed me $2! Shit. How silly of me I thought then.

Thank goodness I won then!

Check out the auction results. Some got a SUPER GREAT deal. Way better than mine. I just bidded for something more realistic. Something that I knew I would definitely need.

So this came at a wonderful time as I am in this super happy holiday mood and was just checking out plane tickets to Bangkok! :)

Chaktuchak market, pork leg rice, foot massages, here I come!

How exciting. I love travelling (yea I know who doesn’t)! Speaking of which, I will be going to Beijing and Shanghai on the 15th of March for 9 days!

Great wall here I come (FIRST)!


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    March 31, 2008 / 9:32 pm

    In USA, U will be an Alien as well.