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How to use SK II's facial treatment essence

My favourite skincare product is the SK-II’s facial treatment essence. Ever since I started using SK2 essence, I have been an absolute convert and advocate.

sk2 essence

Here are some ways I’d like to share with you on how you can use the treatment essence!

1) Drop some onto a cotton pad and dab lightly on your face

This can be used like a toner though I use the Facial Clear Lotion as a toner before putting essence.

2) Pouring some out onto my palm and then patting it gently onto my face.

This is the more “cost-effective” way of using SK2 essence. :P All the excess essence that doesn’t get absorbed goes onto my hand! :P

3) Have a pimple? SK 2 essence to the rescue!

Here’s one my secrets. When I have a pimple, I take a tiny bit of cotton pad and soak it with the essence, and then place it on my pimple overnight. It works superbly in keeping it under control!

4) Bottle it and Spritz awayyy!!

When I go on flights/spend long days at the office, I have with me a little bottle of SK-II essence which I use to spray on my face and then pat it on. It’ll helps to “rejuvenate” my skin :D

5) Mask it!

And just when you thought there are no more ways to use this miracle water, here you go! You can also buy those dry sheet masks which you can easily get at Watsons, then soak it with SK-II essence, and use it like a normal sheet mask. Expensive but it’s a real treat to your face! :)

sk2 essence

I’m really loving my SK-II. It has given me such great skin that I don’t think I want to ever change! :D

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  1. Sabrina
    September 25, 2012 / 10:23 am

    just a question.. does SK II Facial Treatment Essence or the Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin comes first in your skincare regime?

    • Ju Ann
      October 1, 2012 / 10:22 am

      Hi Sabrina, I always start with the product with the lightest skin texture. So Essence then TSUYA :)