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Unbelievably ADORABLE Hello Kitty Appliances To Want NOW

Hello Kitty fans will have much to rejoice. Cornell has just launched an unbelievably CUTE (and massive) range of Hello Kitty Appliances that even the non Hello Kitty fan would find hard to resist! Check out the range right here!

Hello Kitty Rice Cooker

First up, here’s the Hello Kitty Rice Cooker (CRCHK106), which goes at just S$49.90 (Usual Price: $69.90).

Hello Kitty Appliances

Look at how cute and pink it is! This will definitely brighten up your kitchen! I especially love it’s suitably small capacity of 0.4 litres, making it perfect for small families. I use a small rice cooker of similar capacity for the small meals I make for Daniel throughout the day. Much better than using the stove or the huge rice cooker we have for big family meals!

The Hello Kitty Rice Cooker‘s non-stick removable inner pot makes cleaning up a cinch too.

You can make baby soup / porridge / rice while steaming meat/vegetables all at the same time. It is energy saving, multi-purpose and definitely something I need at home!

Hello Kitty Appliances

Hello Kitty Hair Dryer

The Hello Kitty Hair Dryer (CHDHK1600) $29 (UP: $39) comes with both high and low heat settings. It boasts the cool shot button, so users can switch between hot or cool air. The styling nozzle is detachable. Lightweight and easy to handle, the hair dryer will fit in any luggage and can be easily packed for travel use.

Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker

The wildly popular Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker (CSMHK503) $39.90 (UP: $59.90) has gotten a revamp. It has a new design that is just as adorable. It comes with cool touch housing as well as non-stick coating plate for easy cleaning. The toasted bread is imprinted with a Hello Kitty motif. Eating toast has never been this fun!

Hello Kitty Appliances

Look at this apple pie that’s made with the Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker! Here’s the recipe to make it:


Ingredients for 1 serving:
Apple 2pc
Butter 20g
Sugar 50g
Lemon Juice 15ml
Cinnamon Powder
Frozen Pie Sheet
Melted butter

Defrost the pie sheet.
Preheat the sandwich maker .
Cut the apples into small cube shapes.
Add butter to the frying pan.
Add the apples and stir fry with sugar.
Add lemon juice. Stir fry the apples until they become transparent.
Allow the apple cubes to cool down, then mix with cinnamon.
Brush the sandwich maker with melted butter and add the apple cubes.
Spread out the apple cubes and press.
Allow to cook for 15 minutes.
Garnish with vanilla icing or fruits.


Other Hello Kitty Appliances

Hello Kitty Pop-up Toaster (CTHK203) )$42.90 (UP: $62.90)

With this pop-up toaster, breakfast can be ready in a few minutes. It has a cool touch body with slot cover. The toaster switches off automatically when the toast is done, making it safe to use. It also has an interruption/cancel button for users to control. Maintenance of the toaster is easy as it comes with a slide-out crumb tray.

Hello Kitty Kitchen Scale (CKSHK50D) $39.90 (UP: $59.90)

The kitchen scale is ideal for home bakers or chefs who enjoy spending time in the kitchen. The scale comes with 1g graduation. It is made of tempered glass and has touch screen capabilities. Following recipes to a tee is now a cinch.

Hello Kitty Cordless Kettle CJK-HK17SS $49.90 (UP: $84.00)

The kettle comes with a 360-degree rotational base with cord storage. It boasts a concealed stainless steel heating element as well as protection against overheating. The kettle also has a 304 stainless steel body and Strix control.

Hello Kitty Table Fan CFN-HKT12 $49.00 (UP: $82.00)

Beat Singapore’s humid weather with this 12-inch table fan! It can be placed on the table without taking up much space. It comes with three speed functions. There is also a built-in thermal safety fuse.

They are all now available in all major electronic stores in Singapore.

To find out more, visit www.cornellappliances.com and/or join the Cornell Facebook community at “Cornell Singapore“.


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