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My Toddler Loves These Snacks!

Did you know Pigeon carries a range of nutritious snacks for babies? Well I didn’t until I saw it at NTUC!

These are actually suitable for babies to chew in their late weaning stage (after 6 months) and it helps to develop and strengthen their jaw muscles. But guess who cannot stop eating it?

Yes, my 2 year old Daniel. We discourage his childcare centre to feed him the tea time snacks on their menu because it consists of jam biscuits, and cereals which are high in sugar, so we pack a tea time box for him. We’re strict on his diet like that.

Pigeon Baby Snacks photo IMG_1895_zpsl6nq68ze.jpg

Recently we’ve been hitting a rut with the snacks we’ve been giving him and he hasn’t been finishing them, that is until, we opened up the Pigeon Baby Snacks!

Look at him go at them.

Pigeon Baby Snacks photo IMG_1897_zpso1reycmw.jpg

We let him try the following flavours:

♥ [Red-Orange Box] Carrot and Tomato Rice Crackers
♥ [Yellow Box] Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Cookies
♥ [Orange Box] Cheese Biscuits
♥ [Green Box] Spinach Biscuits

Pigeon Baby Snacks photo IMG_1899_zpspu7px5gj.jpg

I can’t tell which are his favourites. He simply seems to love them all. That makes me feel really good!! There’s enough variety to keep him from getting bored! The boy is eatingggg!! Every box comes with 2 packs which is good because each pack is 1 serving size for Daniel. And it makes it really easy to bring it out with us too.

Pigeon Baby Snacks photo IMG_1900_zps8gvkowcx.jpg

These do not contain food colouring agents, preservatives, flavouring agent or chemical seasoning. Plus it’s made in Japan! I tried the snacks myself too and it definitely gets my nod of approval – hence this raving review of it! :)

On the back of each box, they are english labels and I like how thoughtful they are to list down potential allergens (perfect for kids like Daniel who is very prone to allergies and we’re still trying to identify all of them) and an ingredient list.

There is no aftertaste to the snacks and the flavours are extremely mild. I won’t call it tasty but it’s the right kind of bland for my child. :) I just realised they have 4 more other flavours. Definitely going to get those for Daniel too.

I was at their @PigeonSingapore Instagram where there were many mummies asking the same “Where to Buy” question. Here’s the list for your easy reference:

• Cold Storage Supermarkets • Takashimaya level 4 • Isetan Nex Mall & Scotts • Kiddy Palace Jurong Point • Meidiya River Valley Road • BHG Departmental Stores • Robinsons Departmental Stores • OG Departmental Stores • John Little Departmental Stores • Metro Departmental Stores • Kiddy Palace • FairPrice Finest/Xtra Hypermarkets


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