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Grow your hair with the experts

Japan’s pioneer hair restoration and hair growth specialists, JHGC (Japan Hair Growth Consultants), just opened their second outlet in Singapore at One Raffles Quay. The first outlet is over TripleOne Somerset and for us working adults, I believe the outlet at Raffles Place is much more convenient for us!

If you haven’t heard of them, they have over 30 yrs of hair growth experience from Japan. In Singapore, they are the first Japanese hair care salon and their specialty is in their extensive research with the singular aim of restoring hair for their customers.

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What set them apart for the other hair care specialists are their innovative hair care methods, one of which includes the use of Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) which in simpler term, it also means it is capable of promoting hair growth and effectively restore hair. JHGC (also known as BIOTECH in Japan) is also the first to be awarded a patent in the field of hair restoration and hair growth in Japan.

I visited the new outlet over at One Raffles Place last weekend because I was previously going through the phase of post natal hair fall. Hair loss after pregnancy is the sudden shedding that many new mothers experience between three and six months after they give birth. I did not shed much hair but it still worries me from time to time to see that amount of hair loss per day.

The place is very nicely set with the right kind of ambiance. Was greeted by the very courteous staff and they made sure I was well taken care of. Holly was my hair consultant for the day and like most hair care process, it starts with a scan to determine my current hair condition.

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Holly scanned the top and the back of my hair to show me the difference between a spot that’s usually affected by hair problems (top) and a spot that is usually the safe zone (back).

She explained that my scalp is a little oily because of a layer of oil on the scalp surface as well as inside the hair roots. Hair cannot grow well and healthy if your pores are clogged. Baby hair cannot grow out and existing hair cannot thicken to be stronger.

Well, nothing a good scalp wash cannot cure. Here’s how the whole process went:

Japan Hair Growth Consultants photo 333_zps0c22af2c.jpg

Step 1: Holly applies the scalp care agent developed by their proprietary technology that promotes hair growth, evenly all over my scalp.

Step 2: She then steams my scalp to open up the pores of the scalp with far-infrared heat which allows the sebum deep down the pores to resurface. This step will help to clean my hair roots thoroughly.

Step 3: I was then lead to the sink where she gently and carefully massages my scalp to help rub out sebum that has resurfaced by the effect of steam. This is unique to JHGC. Just like our skin, our scalp constantly needs to be pampered and moisturized.  Good circulation is an important element in the natural hair growth journey and scalp massages are essential to boost your hair’s ability to grow. The massage was very comfy!

Japan Hair Growth Consultants photo 444_zps889395cf.jpg

Step 4: All the sebum that has resurfaced from step 1-3 is now washed away with their original amino acid-based shampoo. The staffs over the JHGC really ensured that I was well taken care of. My hair consultant took a lot of effort to patiently rub my scalp well and washed my long hair thoroughly. It is very important for your hair to be washed and treated with care because it aids in relaxation. I strongly recommend you guys to have a scalp treatment regularly to maintain your scalp.

Step 5: After my hair’s clean, Holly then applied their proprietary hair tonic “Bio-with-One” that has ultra-fine active ingredients under 100 nanometers that penetrates to the deepest pores and promotes hair growth agent that specializes in increasing of the IGF-1 production (read all about how their company products and services are based on this hair growth substance that is lacking within our bodies).

Step 6: The last step is probably one of my favorite! My scalp is irradiated to refresh the scalp and strengthen the hair. How it works is the device will blow strong jets of cool air all over your entire scalp. It was extremely relaxing and enjoyable you all should try it for yourself too!

Thereafter, Holly dried my hair and did another scan. Take a look at the before and after shot:

Japan Hair Growth Consultants photo scan_zps494e7f53.jpg

In the BEFORE photo, you can see that my scalp is covered with a layer of oil and pores are severely clogged with oil.

In the AFTER photo, my scalp is super clean, and you can even see the root of the hair through my scalp. This is how a good environment for hair growth should look like and maintaining a healthy scalp is very important for optimal hair growth. But of course, other than washing and treating your hair right, your daily diet affects the health of your hair too. Healthy diet= healthy scalp!

Japan Hair Growth Consultants photo 222_zpsdc385e65.jpg

Here’s a picture I took with my hair consultant – Holly. A big thank you and JHGC for the impeccable service!! :D


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– One Raffles Place #03-05/06/07, Tel: 6830 7898
– TripleOne Somerset, #02-09, Tel: 6499 9158


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