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Daniel at 8 months

Daniel suddenly learnt new stuff on his own this month. It’s pretty miraculous! He suddenly sat on his own without support on 26th July, he also started to learn how to drag himself with his own tiny hands to move forward on 30th July and on 12th Aug, he got from lying down position to sitting position all on his own! Later, on 15th Aug, he amazed me again by getting crawling position to sitting position effortlessly.

Daniel at 8 months photo 123_zps54da97ae.jpg

Children are so smart really! The following week he was already sitting, crawling and trying to stand up even like a pro.

He isn’t really good at it yet but he tries so hard. This boy… Hasn’t even really mastered crawling and he’s moving ahead to stand already.

Woahhh… I’m so proud of him. He’s been drooling a lot. I reckon one of his tooth is gonne pop out real soon. Can’t wait to see how he’ll look like with little teeth! :P

This month, we introduced pears, broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, rice and potatoes to him. :) That’s added on to his growing list of solids which currently include avocado, cereal, bananas, butternut pumpkins and apples. In this coming month, we’re looking at introducing fish, beans and tofu. I’m also going to start letting him learn how to chew by giving him teething biscuits, and letting him try and self feed pears.

Daniel at 8 months photo a_zps59cb10f4.jpg

I was still a little apprehensive about feeding meat/fish to Daniel yet. Will likely try it next month. My boy’s now truly vegetarian now hehe! He’s still drinking well, 150ml of milk powder every 3-4 hours, replacing 2 milk feeds with pureed vegetables.

I am really interested in baby-led weaning. There’s such a passionate group of mothers on Facebook who practice this with their child. I would like to try it with Daniel but I think he’d choke. Oh well we’ll see if I ever get to trying it.

I’m still breastfeeding mostly at night. Can’t believe I still have a wee bit of milk. Daniel usually breastfeeds to sleep. Works like a dream. :)

Recently, he’s becoming quite the TV watcher. Guess it’s something for us to keep an eye on!

Daniel at 8 months photo b_zps90ab51c0.jpg

Age: 8 months old
Weight: 8.5g
Height: 0.66m
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