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Daniel at 7 months

This month, we received lots of visitors. Starting from my mom who came and Daniel recognised her (he last saw her at 3 months old) much to our surprise and she had heaps of fun with my smiley bubba.

Next came my husband’s mom, whom Daniel last saw when he was 1 month old. Oh the little one didn’t recognise her at all and took 3 days to warm up to her. After that he was all smiley. Then my sister in law, brother in law and his friend, and my father in law came over the next few days. I think this sudden influx of visitors all eager to see him pushed him to overcome what seemed like the beginning of “stranger anxiety”.

We took heaps of family pictures and Daniel was smiley in all of them <3.

Daniel 7 Months photo 55_zps561d9e2f.jpg

Daniel also started truly enjoying toys this month. He loved watching his new Fisherprice toy light up and play music (my sister in law bought for him) and grabs the little bath animal toys he has into his mouth (my mom bought for him). Most of everything goes into his mouth now.

We have also noticed that he LOVES going out on his stroller. He would be literally jumping in excitement when he knows we are about to go out. And it’s so easy taking him out. He will sit in his stroller and quietly observe everything.

Daniel 7 Months photo 33_zps90ab8221.jpg

Oh yes and HUGE love too to the chewy toy I got from Maternity Exchange. Daniel looks ABSOLUTELY CUTE chewing it’s tail off. The boy’s teething and no sign of the little white ones coming up yet!

At 7 months, Daniel is SUPER active. We have stopped putting him on our Changing Table and started changing his diaper on the Playmat now. He simply cannot lie or sit still!

Last month we introduced avocado, cereal and bananas to him. This month, we introduced butternut pumpkins and apples to him. His poo is pastey now as a result of his growing intake of solids. He still loves drinking alot of water and often drinks water rather desperately!

He has also started trying to crawl but without success yet. He tries to lift his butt up really high to propel himself forward but nope, no such luck yet. He loves standing and is strong enough to stand if he has help with balancing. I am currently training him to hold his own milk bottle. Let’s see how quickly he’ll learn.

Daniel 7 Months photo 22_zpsbafebbdf.jpg

As always, I am always at work and I try balancing that with my blogging. I’ve already kept attending events to a minimum and yet I still feel like I don’t have enough time with my little bub. :(

Breastfeeding is still going on. I am trying to hang in there still. Daniel is suddenly super fond of latching. I’ll pump before I go to work and I’ll latch him at night when I get home. He loves latching. We have also established that he prefers his milk in this order of preference: latching, chilled breastmilk, frozen breastmilk and formula milk. I hope in my 8 months update on Daniel, I’ll still be talking about breastfeeding :)

Age: 7 months old
Weight: 8.2kg
Height: NA

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