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Christmas in Singapore…

… is truly spectacular! 

There’s really the air of Christmas that goes round. Even the grouchy ones are infected with the all powerful “joy of Christmas”.

Credits to Kelvin_Leong on Flickr

As Christmas draws nearer, I never think that I would ever get the Christmas cheer despite all the Christmasy songs that are playing on radios.

But really, give it awhile and I got right into the mood. Time passes really quickly for me nowadays and before I know it, it’s Christmas Eve today.

And I really want to spend one day in Orchard Road absorbing the atmosphere. There are choir groups, there are the holly jolly songs playing in every shopping mall, there’s the mad sales, there’s the road buskers, the lights on Orchard Road, the mad crowd of people, and all of the salespeople in Singapore are now donning an element of Santa/Christmas on their uniforms!

How does anybody resist all that holiday and festive mood? :)

I found myself doing something I never thought I’ll do. I wished everyday that the week will not be over so soon. Everybody I send an email out to is returning me with a Vacation Responder. Shiok. Nobody really wants to work and everybody is light-hearted.

No angry emails. No stress. *In Heaven*

Today is Thursday. I have been wishing pretty hard since Monday that time won’t go by so quickly.

Tonight there’s a Christmas Party @ the Boss’s house to look forward to. More Christmas celebrations.

I hope you enjoy your holiday and the long weekend too! Merry Christmas one and all!


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