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Products To Use During Pregnancy For Stretch Marks and Tired Feet

Everything changes when you are pregnant. Some more than others. Some have it better than others. Some not so much. The thing is, there will be change. The kind of products to use during pregnancy changes too.

The kind of care we need for our body shifts as well. Take me for example. I have always blogged about beauty products but when I got pregnant, I was at a total loss of what kind of products to use during pregnancy. That is, until I started feeling the symptoms of pregnancy and starting finding solutions.

products to use during pregnancy

All I knew was I needed to start using anti-stretchmarks cream IMMEDIATELY to reduce the possibility of those unsightly marks. If you are looking for a good anti-stretchmark cream or you are looking for tips on how to minimise the appearance of stretch marks, check out my post here.

So anyway, besides the obvious anti-stretchmarks cream that every pregnant lady should get, did you know that there’s also something for your legs and busts? I didn’t! Here’s sharing the info:


A change in the contours of the breasts, along with a sensation of heaviness and tension, is often one of the first signs of pregnancy. Throughout your pregnancy, your breasts will slowly increase in volume; their fragile skin, the only guarantor of their firmness, will stretch significantly.

Me? I’m worried about what happens when they go back to their initial size (after the birth or when I stop breastfeeding).

I realised that it is therefore very important to take care of them from the very start. I am currently using Mustela 9 Months Specific Support Bust cream (read more here). It

♥ Prevents skin slackening and loss of elasticity
♥ Relieves skin tension and soothes tight, swollen breasts
♥ Increases hydration

products to use during pregnancy

It helps to soothes tight, tender breasts. With its combination of exclusive ingredients of natural origin, it prevents skin slackening and loss of elasticity. The most significant effect I see from regular applications of this is skin hydration. Your skin may be dry and itchy but because I apply this regularly (apply right after your shower for the best results!), I notice that my bust area is smooth and soft.

If you care about the appearance and condition of your breasts, start using an appropriate bust cream already! :) X fingers no sagging!! :(


Another product to use during pregnancy is for your tired feet! I don’t know about you but my feet feel exceedingly tired when I stand for long hours. And when you’re pregnant, long hours actually means very few hours. That day, I stood from 4pm to 6pm (well I was walking around and travelling so I didn’t have time to sit) and after that, my feet were super tired and I was super grouchy.

You wouldn’t believe what a relief it was to have Peter massage the soles of my feet up to my calves with the Mustela 9 Months Instant Comfort Legs cream (read more here). The formulation is different from other normal moisturisers. It has a tingly sensation which provides my fatigued feet with much comfort.

products to use during pregnancy

It also get absorbed into the skin super super easily. It’s a good and bad thing. Good because for days when you don’t have much time or you’re too tired to do too much rubbing, this gets into your skin and does it’s magic pronto. And you never have to worry about walking bare feet and falling or wearing socks or pants immediately after application. Some people may mind how quickly it’s absorbed into the skin because that also means if you want a sticky feel to it, you will have to apply a lot.

To conclude what I love about it:

♥ Tingly menthol sensation
♥ Get absorbed super quick

Here are some tips to share on how I manage my tired feet:

♥ Raise your feet with a pillow when you sleep
♥ Avoid prolonged standing if possible
♥ Massage your legs every day
♥ Soak your feet in warm water

Mustela’s website also has some great tips on how to relief aching legs during pregnancy. Check it out here.

Stay tuned to more posts on my pregnancy update here!


Mustela 9 Months range of creams are great products to use during pregnancy and can be purchased at selected pharmacies and appointed outlets in Singapore.


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