Candylicious celebrates Singapore’s 50th Birthday in the cutest way!

You have to check it out. As we approach the monumental celebration of Singapore’s 50th year of independence, all time family favourite candy store, Candylicious is commemorating SG50 with a colourful Merlion plush which is sold exclusively in all 3 of the Candylicious stores in Singapore (RWS, Takashimaya, and Vivocity) for SGD29!

Candylicious Merlion Plush

This is my personal favourite memorabilia for SG50! :D It’s soooo cute I don’t want to share with my son, Baby Daniel!

Candylicious Merlion Plush

This is Candylicious way of celebrating the nation that has given them so much. The little country that could, and did, everything it set its mind to. ❤

Candylicious Merlion Plush

In addition, go to the Candylicious store at Vivocity and guess the number of Jellybeans in the merlion container. There’s a total of $2,700 cash prizes to be won. It’s all very colourful and cute. This is the one and only, Candylicious exclusive Merlion filled with Jelly Belly! Contest ends on 31st August!


P.s.: Ok fine. I’ll let Baby Daniel touch it for a bit.

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