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Calories in Drinks do count!

I’ve embarked on a lifelong mission to eat as cleanly and healthily as possible without being overly obsessive (or becoming anti-social).

Yes, there are overly “enthusiastic” people out there and I am not going to be one of them.

how much sugar in your drink

So anyway, back to the topic, RETHINK YOUR DRINK.

Yes, for some of us we are actually drinking a lot of sugar and we don’t even know it! This is why I urge you to watch what you drink.

You’d think if drinks don’t fill you up so their calories don’t count but that’s so not true.

Drinks like soda, energy drinks are high in sugar (you’ll be surprised just how much sugar!) and calories.

how much sugar in your drink

Most people try to go on all kinds of diets but most don’t know that by just being more aware of what you drink, you are on your way to losing weight and living a healthier life.

Most people (GUILTY!) choose isotonic “sports” drinks, sweetened tea-based drinks and canned juices because it’s perceived to be more healthy but in actual fact they are almost as high in sugar as sweetened, fizzy drinks.

Here’s how much sugar there is in some of the more popular drinks in Singapore.

sugared drinks photo sugareddrinks_zps38a3befb.jpg

I hope this helps more people make more informed decisions about their diet! Share this post with your friends! :)

To quickly calculate the sugar content of your beverage, use this useful Singapore Beverage Catalogue.


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