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Baby Bump: Week 12 Pregnancy Update

End of Trimester #1! Time a week 12 pregnancy update. Damn my tummy still looks awesome. I am super not looking forward to being so huge : (

Please do take photos of your tummy as early as possible cos you will need to look back on these photos and BELIEVE you could be that “skinny” once upon a time ago.

And to think when I was “skinny” I never appreciated my body!

Well, it’s a one way street from here on. It’s been a great 1st Trimester. I felt nauseous and only really vomitted a full blown one once. The nauseous feeling wasn’t that comfortable but I’m glad it’s ebbing. 2nd Trimester is going to be awesome. I know it. :)

Here’s my Week 12 pregnancy update!

week 12 pregnancy

pregnancy update

week 12 pregnancy

Can’t believe how big Baby Bean is already on the scan!

Weight Gain so far: 0.4g
Symptoms: Very bad nausea and vomited once due to car sickness. Appetite and everything else the same.

Stay tuned to more posts on my pregnancy update here!


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