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Top Korean Beauty Trends in Singapore

Here are top 3 beauty trends that I have been crazyyyy over lately!

#1: Cheon Song Yi Lipstick (from the drama My Love From The Stars)

Cheon Song Yi Lipstick photo CSY_zps38ad8933.jpg

Have you seen how gorgeous those coral lip colours look on her! I’ve been pretty crazy over it myself. I bought a very good lippie with great colour pay off. Read here. CSY is wearing mostly Laniege (which I have as well!) and IOPE colours. :) A false rumour that CSY was using YSL Lipstick actually caused a particular shade from YSL to be completely sold out! Laneige’s coral lip shade is of course, already sold out in Singapore!

#2: Innisfree X Lee Min Ho

I love Innisfree, even though, I haven’t tried any of their products before. Well, that’s because their spokesperson is none other than the very handsome Lee Min Ho! Now that they have 3 outlets in Singapore, I can’t wait to go down and get some of their beauty products!

Innisfree Lee Min Ho photo leeminho_zps79f9a9ad.jpg

#3: Gradient Lips

Gradient Lips Korean Beauty photo gradientlips2copy_zps64e965c3.png

This is a cool tutorial I found on how to create this lovely gradient.


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